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St. Teresa's Hospital

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    barbwong_130 is offline Registered User
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    I find this separation so sad. How can you begin to understand your baby if the two of two aren’t together? And how can you get breastfeeding, especially exclusive breastfeeding, off to a good start if you aren’t allowed to actually breastfeed?

    The first day you have colostrum. This comes in very small quantities because the baby only needs very small quantities but lots of them. The baby needs to feed at least eight times in 24 hours. This means that you need to express at least eight times. It is much easier to breastfeed than it is to express. What a lot of extra work the hospital is asking you to do.

    Often you will find that the medical staff insist on supplementing your baby. This probably wouldn’t have been necessary if you were directly feeding your baby. There is a world of difference to how the staff perceive feeding 2 mls to a baby from a syringe and a baby drinking 2 mls but being at the breast for 40 minutes.

    Although the public hospital are very crowded these days their policies of letting the baby be with you and allowing you to breastfeed are far superior to some of the private hospitals.

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    i also second barb's opinion about being separated from the baby so early on, especially if you are planning on exclusive breastfeeding. expressing milk during the early days will only hinder your progress, and in return, because you feel that the amount you expressed is always inadequate, you will give up!

    in the early day, whatever you have to breastfeed the baby is enough for the baby's intake and your body will adjust accordingly to the needs of your newborn.

    i have not had any experiences with public hospitals but i can say that at the adventist, they will NOT force you to supplement and having the baby brought to you for each feeds helps you get the much needed rest during those early days!

    just a few thoughts from my own experience...

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    andychk is offline Registered User
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    Fine delivery

    Many thanks for all the posts - Baby delivered succesfully on March 27th. Correct about the "fathers can't carry baby until checkout" comments, but can hold baby after delivery. No truth in overnight feeding - mothers are not forced to attempt to feed even after operations, you can feed when you're ready. And anyone with a full milk flow within 48 hours must be superhuman! Unfortunately as with most things in HK, if you don't ask questions first, no advice or suggestions are forthcoming, so ask for the electronic breast pump which helps to stimulate milk production, and if you are healthy, you should be able to provide 1.5 - 2 oz of breast milk 3 times a day two days after the operation or delivery. As far as STH is concerned, Dr. Ivan Lau (one of 3 resident OB/Gyn's at STH) is a Doctor with probably the best attitude and bedside manner I have ever had the pleasure to deal with in over 20 years in HK, and he also has a great sense of humour too - very refreshing. I agree that visiting time (especially in the evening) can be like a cattle market and is indeed very loud, especially if your room is near the "fishbowl" - the area where friends and every relative under the sun can gawk at the non-stop parade of babies through the glass. Most of the nurses are friendly but grossly overworked, and occasionally the stress shows on their faces, but overall, we give STH 7 out of 10. The other thing to think about (especially if the only other choice is adventist) is the cost - very reasonable. Expect to pay double at Adventist and triple at Matilda. Finally, as for Baptist - if you learn to speak Putonghua and have a wallet stuffed with cash, you'll get treated before evryone else - talk about a conveyor belt of expectant mothers! I had my first two kids delivered there in '96 and '99, and things were very different - after two visits with "Doctor Motormouth" we went to STH and were lucky enough to find Dr. Lau. You're in safe and professional hands at STH...

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    andychk - Can you divulge on how much your total package was since you used a resident dr? Other expectant mothers usually use a private dr and then go to the hospital where they deliver.

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    Hi there,

    Does anybody know any good female doctor at St Teresa hospital?

    thank you so much!

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