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Ho, Leong, Lo, Stevenson, or Wan for VBAC?

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    Ho, Leong, Lo, Stevenson, or Wan for VBAC?

    We are moving to HK in April. I'll be somewhere around 27-30wks pregnant at that time so will not have much time to be choosy about doctors. Hoping for some insight before we get there? My insurance will only cover me if I use one of the following doctors:

    Clement Ho
    Milton Leong
    Derek Lo
    Robert Stevenson
    Macor Wan

    These doctors have feedback on the recommendations page of this website, but the majority are a few years old. I was hoping for more current feedback on their bedside manner, availability, delivery style, and if you would recommend them or not. If you also know of a website for any of these doctors that would also be helpful.

    This will be my second child and am hoping one of these doctors above will be supportive of a Vaginal Birth after Caesarean. Based on what I've seen in other posts, is it right that I'm getting the impression that HK doctors are generally natural-birth averse and prefer some form of intervention....??

    Many Thanks for your help!!

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    I am using Derek Lo who is pro-natural. I had a Ceaser the first time around and am keen to have a natural this time. Dr Lo said that he will be happy to proceed with a natural unless there are complications. I've had no problems with Dr Lo to date.

    When I was doing my research re docs who are experienced in VBAC, the other doc that was recommended to me is Dr Dawkins. However I note that he is not listed in your group of docs.

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    I love Dr Derek Lo too! He does specialise in fertility now and only takes on a few pregnant patients.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Macor was my OB when I had my first baby. He is a really good doctor but I think he prefer C-section.

    Bear Lau:

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    Hi Jennifer,
    I had Dr Stevenson. I can't comment on VBACs, as this was my first child, but I would be suprised if he wasn't encouraging of it.
    I was very happy with his care and bed side manner and will be using him agian should I have another child in HK.

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    I used Dr Stevenson although I had a C-s because I was carrying twins, he has a good bedside manner, very crisp and direct and matter of fact. He's patient and calm in crisis (i had some hospitilization during pregnancy and my hubby was so wraught with worry, swore at Dr. Stevenson who didn't bat an eyelid). If/when I get pregnant again, I would certainly use him!

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