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Another Maternity Insurance Question

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    Another Maternity Insurance Question

    I am planning to become pregnant fairly soon and have just discovered my GoodHealth policy may not cover me. It is only a day or in patient policy so won't cover regular check ups, however I now discover it only covers complications of childbirth or emergency procedures - not normal birth. To quote the policy: "Complications of pregnancy -Treatment in the antenatal stages of pregnancy that requires a recognised obstetric procedure, including medically necessary caesarean sections." are covered.
    Should I have any complications it covers all specialist and hospital fees in a private room etc etc also the baby is covered for the first month.
    I am wondering if anyone has successfully claimed on such a policy? Considering due to my prior pregnancy I know I will probably need to be induced early due to high blood pressure. I am wondering if this counts as enough of a complication or emergency to mean I am covered by the policy.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your advice - i am feeling very confused!

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    Has anyone claimed on a 'complications clause' or am i taking a long shot?
    Any ideas - other than start saving :)

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    I would think High Blood Pressure is considered a complication. I would recommend you call Good Health's customer service to confirm. I've called/emailed our insurance company when in doubt. They usually respond within 24 hrs.

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