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Baby eager for food

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    Baby eager for food

    Dear Parents,

    I am not sure if I am over worry. My baby is age 1 this month end. He is around 22.5 pounds, very healthy. He loves eating. We insist to place him in High chair to take the solid every lunch and dinner. He is always very eager and no patience to wait for food. A bit noisy to ask for food. Normally, we are glad to offer asap, and ask him be patient. Just wonder if he (his personality) will tend to be very inpatient and self-center. Any parents can share with me.


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    every 1 year old is self-centred. they have NO idea how their actions affect others yet... that doesn't start to develop for at least another year or so.... relax!

    it is possible to start teaching manners now though... just make sure that when you give something to him, YOU say, "thank you mummy!" eventually after a few months they become aware of the fact that you say the same thing every time. this doesn't mean that they will respond. we taught our son the american sign language sign for "thank you" when he was about 15 months or so. it has changed slightly when he does it, but at least he knows that there is something he is supposed to say.

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    I agree with Carang... we can build our child's personality since he/she is still baby..

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