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losing one...

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    losing one...

    wow.. talk about being dazed and confused. felt like i was hit by a truck and i really didn't see this coming.

    i was 2 weeks late, tried 4 HPT at home and they all came back with a very very faint positive, i have some symptoms so we were quite sure that we're pregnant. we didn't try that many times so was quite pleasantly surprised.
    we went to the doc this morning, his test came back negative (quite a definite negative), hmm, confused, we're making all this up for the past week? as i had to be treated for other gyno things with drugs, doc suggested to run a blood test to be sure. so we did, and he told me this afternoon, that HCG is very low, at about 18 (vs. pregnant HCG is in the 1000s). but here comes the worst part, that i definitely WAS pregnant, but basically it didn't hold, and we lost it this time.

    altho this really IS a blessing, i was so sick the past few weeks and so drugged up that we had to stop trying. so it turns out that we were already pregnant, but i'm guessing that it's the illness and medicine that affected it. but, we went from not expecting to be pregnant at all, to thinking that we might be pregnant, to being so sure that we are pregnant, to losing a pregnancy...

    i'm still trying to be grateful, because it's likely that we've lost one that was not in tip top shape at all. i wasn't even expecting it in the first place, but geez, where did this disappointment come from? maybe i'm making this up as well...

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    no, you're not making it up. i had the exact same experience with you, twice. so i know exactly what you're going thru & it's very normal to feed the way you're feeling.

    i stopped trying for a year, and during that year, i focused on treating my body nicely, watching my diet & eating/resting well. i did get pregnant when i was about to start trying & little bub will be 2 next week.

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