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When to start Gripe Water

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    HappyV is offline Registered User
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    I've never seen a gripe water that has alcohol!

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    MLBW Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by HappyV View Post
    I've never seen a gripe water that has alcohol!
    I guess the original formula contained 3.6% alcohol but many brands today have cut out the alcohol--there are different brands apparently.

    This is the Wikipedia article:

    Gripe Water

    I stand corrected--the original formula was really effective because of the alcohol.

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    i usually buy it from chinese medication hall...i walked into mannings and watsons, but they claimed they dont carry it. I'm not aware got different brands, i've always tot there's only Woodward :)

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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Tsuen Wan

    I just bought a bottle at Watsons in the baby section. Its alcohol-free and it was relatively inexpensive - maybe $20 HKD at the most? It says for newborns to give them a half teaspoon.
    I haven't used it yet, though, as my baby is still in my tummy.

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    It might be worth trying to get to the source of the problem.... If you are breast feeding then perhaps making sure your baby is getting enough hind milk before changing sides helps a lot. If you are bottle feeding then try winding after 30mls of milk and insisting a bit before continuing the feed. I do this will all the babies I look after and they seem to feel better on it. Also, lying your baby on his/her tummy on your knee, about 15 mins after the feed, and GENTLY swaying your baby in the head to foot direction, backwards and forwards, does miracles for the winding.
    Anyway, just a suggestion as it is not always necessary to give Gripe water or Infacol, just a question of practising the winding techniques. Good luck

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