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wedding, what to wear?

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    wedding, what to wear?

    I am going to be going to my husbands younger brothers wedding in Hk. I am caucasian, my husband's family is chinese. I bought an outifit (2 peice just below knee length skirt, and top) that is 100% appropriate for a wedding in canada, which took me forever to find something I liked and loooked good. My husband says it is not formal enough for the sister-in-law of the groom to wear. My husband has not lived in HK or been to a wedding in HK for at least 18 years, so I'd like some advise on what is appropriate style of attire for the sister-in-law of the groom to wear at a wedding in HK in a hotel, not black tie. I am a size 8 or 10 canadian so I doubt I can find anything in HK, so I really want to buy something in Canada. HELP! I want to be dressed appropiately!

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    I am not sure about what the sister in law of the groom should wear, but whenever I have been to a local wedding in HK everyone has been dressed very informally.....I have even seen jeans at a wedding which shocked me!

    Maybe an evening dress? Although have to be careful there as don't want to upstage the bride!

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    My recommendation would be to ask the bride. I’m been to four of my sister-in-law’s weddings and each time the bride has had three or four dresses. The bride keeps changing. Usually she will start with a traditional white dress, then wear the traditional red Chinese costume and finally at least one normal formal evening dress.

    Sometimes everyone else in the family is dressed up and sometimes not. At the last wedding in our family the bride wanted everyone to be dressed formally. We all hired dresses and suits from wedding shops. My younger son really didn’t want to wear a suit but I bribed him with the day off school if he did! I wore a long, plain purple dress. During the day I wore it with a jacket and in the evening a shawl.

    Is there any way of dressing your suit up to make it look a little fancier without actually having to buy something else. A fancy top or a shawl?

    Best wishes,

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    i agree with sarah. best to ask the bride. cos in hk, some weddings are very formal, & some are very casual (casual, as in tracksuits & sneakers) formal as in blk tie.

    higher heels, updoing your hair & louder jewellery usually manage to up dress any outfit.

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    wedding attire for pregnant ladies

    i just attended a formal Chinese wedding while 6 months pregnant, so I know how you feel!

    I wore a very formal dark pink Chinese silk jacket (embroidery & tasteful beading) with nice trousers and a shell (trousers & shell being the same color for a slimming effect). You could substiture the trousers for a skirt if you like.

    We bought the jacket at a shop (not a stall) that specialises in Chinese jackets for about HK$400 in "The Lanes" (Li Yuen Street East or West, I forget which) in Central. I'm no pipsqueak HK woman, so if they could fit me, you should be fine.

    Good luck!

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    In a Chinese wedding, immediate family members usually wear something relatively more formal than relatives and guests because immediate family members (especially the groom's side) are considered the Hosts. Plus, if the banquet is being held in a hotel, then something more formal should definitely be worn.

    When's the wedding anyway? You could bring the outfit you bought from Canada and show it to your husband's family (perhaps your husband's sisters/aunties, etc.) to see if it is OK. In a traditional Chinese wedding, I'm not sure if it is appropriate for the bride to comment on what his sister-in-law should wear. If you really do need to buy something in HK, Marks and Spencer carries a good range of (larger) sizes and they also have some relatively formal outfits. Hope this helps.

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    In my opinion, just dont worry and be relax! everyone knows you are pregnanted and they should understand.
    Just a nice scarf will be more than fine, no one will see what's underneath if the scarf is good enough. And the scarf will fit you no matter how big your tummy is.
    Go Holt Renfrew now and get one, or you can find good ones in Lane crawford in HK. Good luck!

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