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Breastfeed after C-section?

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    ps. i'm having to wake my baby up to feed her as she seems so happy sleeping. at night, she is fed at around 10pm then i wake her at 2-3am and then again at around 7am. most of the time, i'm waking her up because my boobs are sooo full i can't sleep any longer. then it takes me at least 30 minutes to wake her up and get her to feed.

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    Thank you for the advice and personal experience, ladies.

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    c-section + breastfeeding = no problem

    i breastfed my baby with no problems within an hour of having a c-section at the matilda. i have continued to feed him without problems ever since.

    don't worry about the lack of food -- i had no food or drink for 8.5 hours before the procedure and i was just fine.

    if you remain confident, ask for help when you need it (i used la leche and the midwives), and persevere, you can do it. the initial frustrations you feel when learning to feed only last for a few days -- if you can get past that, you will be ok.

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