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Room type in hospital

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    Room type in hospital

    I have done some research here, but have't found a satisfied answer.
    I am now in the 8 week (pretty early) and visited my doctor, Dr Doo, today for the first time.
    He was asking me which hospital I would prefer, we agreed on Matilda . He said that we have to book now, the hospital is already getting closed for september!
    Then he was asking me about the room type...choosing a hospital was already a challenge. But the room type? I don't know what the options are and what the difference is...they gave me a brochure, but there was not much information about this.
    Can anyone help me with a good explanation?
    Thank you very much!

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    I'm not sure this will be a good explanation but I hope it helps. I've delivered at the Matilda twice now. They have fully private rooms which means that you don't share with anyone, or semi private rooms which means that you will be in the room with other mothers.

    Don't be put off by sharing, although I had a private room for my second two, with our first child (born in the UK, on the NHS, no other option than to share) I actually quite liked being in a room with other mums. Although it can be noisy with lots of babies crying, I learned so much by just listening to the advice being given to the other mothers and also it was nice to have someone to talk to once visiting hours were over. I hope that helps.

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    I delivered in July 2006 with Dr. Doo as well. We chose the Matilda private room. If im not mistaken he offers packages if you deliver in a semi private room but NOT if you deliver in a private room. We still went ahead with the private room because my husband was keen on staying the nights with me. If im not mistaken the Matilda has rooms with 2 beds(semi private) and another category with 3 beds. The private room is ofcourse one bed only, a small one seater sofa(that converts into a bed) and a balcony. They also have 2 VIP rooms(suites) but there isnt a balcony in those. I dont know the layout of the semi private or the 3 bed room. Hope this helps!

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    Jools: Do the Matilda have limited visiting hours?

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    I gave birth at the Matilda and had a semi-private room; right after I gave birth I had the room to myself for the first night but the next day was moved to another room, and someone else moved in that afternoon. I was really lucky because as the first one in the room had the bed by the window, which meant had the great view and more space!

    Had plenty of privacy however and half the time hardly noticed someone else was there; we shared the rooms bathroom and both had our babies in the room all day and most of the night but both were pretty good babies and didn't disturb each other, or us!

    Personally I would have rather had a private room, but our insurance would pay for everything only as long as I had semi private room. It did mean my husband couldn't stay the night but he use to come really early in the morning everyday and then leave really late at night.

    The night my son was born they let my husband stay the night which they said wasn't really allowed but as was no one else in the room they allowed it, and that meant a lot to us.

    There are set visiting hrs, but my husband was never asked to leave at the supposed set times.

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    i had my baby at matilda, too. i went for a hospital visit, which really helped & you can ask them tons of questions. the head nurse told us they try not to put 2 mothers in the same room. which means even if you've opt for a double rm, you'll only get a rm-mate if all other rooms are full. i chose the single rm, then my husband decided that if i didnt need the balcony, might as well choose the vip rm cos it's bigger & the sofa bed was more comfy cos he wanted to stay with me all 3 nites. having a baby was tiring & i had some postnatal problems, so i'm glad i stayed at the vip rm, cos it didn't feel like being in a hospital (in fact, i remember telling hubby that if not for all the soars that i was having, it actually felt like a nice vacation), plus i was airing my breasts for an hr after every feed (probably couldn't do that if i was sharing my rm).

    my personal advice is (it's actually an advice my friend gave me when i was choosing hospitals & rm types), if you could well afford it, get the best possible cos you're not gonna be giving birth many times, and it's a time when you need to pamper yourself.

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    With the current "no bed" situation, I doubt you'll have semi-private room to yourself. A friend gave birth at the Matilda last week, and she shared with a woman we think was in for Post Partum Depression. She kept complaining about the noise, and told her visitors to be quiet. After which we all received a text msg not to come to the hospital and visit her at home. Thank goodness she had a natural birth and was only in for 3 nights.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I would get the best that you can afford or your insurance will pay for. Our insurance won't cover the cost of the hospital so we are going for the cheapest option. Still going to be far better than NHS where there were about 15 of us on one ward, v noisy.

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