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Infant formula for 3-month old ~ any recommendations?

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    I had to start giving my daughter Nestle Nan HA 1 at 6 weeks since I was not making enough milk and she was losing weight. As my first, this was a very scary two weeks and with the lack of sleep I was just overwhelmed. I actually bought several brands at the suggestion of my midwife and tried the Nan first because I have a history of allergies in my family. I did then go on to try the other brands but she threw them all up.

    Unfortunately, as I feared, once she got 1 bottle a day she started to reject me in preference of the bottle and my milk became less and less over the next 3 weeks until I had nothing left at 9 weeks.

    Although my situation was different to yours, one of my girlfriends here also introduced 1 bottle at 12 weeks in hopes of getting more sleep and within a few weeks her daughter had also rejected her. Consequently, she solely BF her second daughter until 6 months.

    As Sarah stated above, you should take into consideration the family history of eczema. What I did not know is that the genetics of eczema is really a tendency for your body to over react to an irritant and it presents itself in the form of eczema, hay fever, or asthma. For my family this is true as my grandfather died of an asthma attack, my father has very bad hay fever, and I have eczema (was only BF for 3 months as my Mom had to have a minor operation and her milk stopped after it .... my sister who was BF for 6 months + has no form of allergies).

    At 6 months, when I started feeding my daughter food, she did have a horrific eczema attach all over her body and was miserable for a week (this is when a baby usually first presents). Then at 14 months she had a respiratory infection that would just not go away and server wheezing. We ended up in the hospital for 5 days and I was only allowed to bring her home once I learned how to medicate her with a nebulizer breathing medicine through a mask. Now, no doctor is going to diagnose a child with asthma until they are at least 3 ... they simply watch them closely and see if a pattern forms. Thankfully, we have not had a repeat incidence, but as you can imagine I am fearful she will become asthmatic.

    OK, so all this rambling is to basically say you do need to look into the cons of not BF exclusively for the first 6 months as there are medical studies to suggest that your child will have a much higher chance of not getting eczema, hay fever, or becoming asthmatic if you do. It is obviously a very personal decision, but I will tell you that if I had to do it all over again I would try everything to maintain BF for at least the first 6 months if it meant my daughter could be eczema free and possibly not become asthmatic.

    Really hope this helps!

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    I had the same case - I was breastfeeding my daughter through 2.5 months but had some issues so needed to introduce formula for the night feed. I was told to use Enfamil A+ but after a few weeks, noticed she was rather constipated. She seemed to be colicky too - not sure if it was the milk or colic? Anyway, since we have allergies in the family, we were advised to switch her on to NAN HA1 - she is 6 months now and is fine with NAN for her night feed. I have started introducing it for 2 out of her 5 feeds now that I am starting to wean. In my opinion, go for the NAN. Better for ur baby as its hypoallergenic and also easily available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
    one of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that it decreases the chances of the baby developing allergies. The maximum benefits, especially for allergies are when exclusive breastfeeding is continued for at least the first six months.

    A number of studies have linked lack of breastfeeding to asthma. According to one study, (Oddy W.H., et al BMJ 1999;319:815-819), six year old children were more likely to have asthma if they had not been exclusively breastfed for six months.
    With respect...

    My husband has all kind of allergies, so I stood firm on breastfeeding my first child EXCLUSIVELY for 6 months. From 6 to 12 months, he ate solid foods and MY milk, no other dairy products (cow's/soy milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.) until he was 1.

    Sad to say, but at 4 he is allergic to all most everything. And he has asthma.

    With my 2nd child, I nursed exclusively for 5 days, then supplementing with NAN HA 1. I continued with partially nursing until he was 4 months old, then gave it all up. He continued on NAN.

    This one turned out to be a very healthy and strong little boy, with no allergies, no asthma. So... What do you want me to say really...

    I'm not against breastfeeding, but in my case, missing it is not the end of the world. Quite a contrary.

    By the way, my boy on NAN has always been big and on the top size of the charts in both weight and height.

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    My son is now 4 months old and has been on Babynat for a while and it's great! In the first month the doctor put him on Nanha 1 and he got ecezma, it got pretty bad so my doctor told me to try Babynat which is available at bumps to babes and Citysuper. His skin got much better after that, also his poo is more yellowish while when taking Nanha his poo is green and sticky. I also like to add that after taking babynat he has less gas so he was able to sleep better.

    Babynat is Organic Infant Formula, every baby is different so u just have to try and see..

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    nan ha

    i use nan ha1 for my 3 mths old son which i started since birth. it was highly recommended by the hospital where is was born in melbourne. its the best in the market to reduce allergies.

    so far so good, no complaints. you can buy it in hk only in the local pharmacies at about HK$149. not all pharmacy stock the product and supermarkets don't stock it either.

    good luck. michelle

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    Like Sophia experienced first hand, it's something I've been researching and it seems that babies who are exclusively breast fed for first six months are more likely to develop allergies.

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    If you are researching the link between breastfeeding and asthma, you may be interested in the following three links:

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    My baby is on Japanese milk powder, and it was great, no constipation, no phlegm and healthy poo-poo. He also likes the milk so has been taking in quite a lot. He had a mild case of ezcema on his face when he was 4 weeks' old, but I think it's more because of weather change. I took him to the pd and his face looks much better now after applying the creme the pd prescribed for him.

    Many people say Japanese milk powder is less sugary than the western brands, and my 2 pds said it's also better for Asian babies. So depends on your nationality, you may want to give it a try. Plus it's actually quite easy and cheap, unlike many people believe. You don't have to go to City super or Jusco. Go to the cosmetic shop Bonjourn at ~HK$180 for a big tin (8-900g), or order online at or, they both do delivery for purchase above $1000. My advice is to go to Bonjourn to get one tin to try, if it meets your need, than order in bulk online.

    Hope this helps.

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