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8 month old pinching?

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    sarahstack is offline Registered User
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    Question 8 month old pinching?

    My 8 month old daughter is CONSTANTLY pinching me, when she nurses she pinches my breast and my side, when I'm carrying her she constantly pinches the back of my arm, my face anything she can get her hands on. I know she doesn't know what she's doing but it truly HURTS. How can I get her to stop and WHY (WHY!) does she do this?

    Thanks for your help!


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    my_ldbug is offline Registered User
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    Hi Sarah

    I had the same problem with my son when he was around 6-7 mos(now he's almost 10 mos). I'm not sure whether they are just testing out the use of their fingers or maybe it is a stress release for teething pains (Kyle cut his first tooth at 6mos). He now only occassionally does a pinch on us but that's getting rare - he's now moved on to biting my shoulder!

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    Hi Sarah my bub often pinches me too whilst BF. I try to distract him with something either with a necklace or the side of my shirt or my bra strap and sometimes I just hold his hand.

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    mammalicious is offline Registered User
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    my LO used to grab some of my skin and "pinch" but not hard as well whilst she was younger, and b/feeding or when i put her to lay down next to me. as it didn't hurt too much, i left it, but i would gently .remove her hands usually and put them at her side or elsewhere.

    have you heard of the chinese expression "gun cheurng" ? it's like someone is in such pleasure their whole body tenses or they just shiver with delight? well i put it down to her showing affection or intense pleasure. sounds weird i am sure. it has stopped (she's now 18m, and think it stopped around the 14-15m mark) however she is very touchy towards me, always putting her hand up/down my shirt, up my shorts to feel my skin. she has her hands either rubbing my neck, or my waist generally. sometimes it annoys me physically with all that rubbing and grabbing, but it is sweet that she wants to be close to me.

    perhaps, because it hurts, you can pull her hand away, look her in the eye and say "ouch, that hurts mummy. pls don't do that" each time your LO does it. eventually it may get through to them. it will surprise you how they will learn from firm but gentle "nos"

    good luck!

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    mine pinches me whenever he gets excited and sometimes when drinking milk. I just stick a finger into his hand and he will squeeze instead

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