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Mixed feedback on hospitals - any advice!!

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    Yuen Long

    Hi StepheninHK

    I had my son at QMH - great staff; very understanding and sympathetic. One of my girlfriends had her second at PY. In both cases, good service but definitely NO FRILLS. Didn't mind. I chose QMH because of their reputation for having really good pediatricians and attending doctors / midwives in the delivery room / maternity ward. If you want to splurge, go for the private or semi-private rooms instead of the general rooming (6-8 new Moms in one place).

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    I gave birth to my first at Pamela Youde last September - everything was to my satisfaction. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go public.

    I had my regular check ups at private OB and decided to go public when I was 30 weeks, to save money as I had a pretty strong feeling that I might need a C-section since baby is quite big (my insurance does not cover pregnancy and my OB charges A LOT for c-section).

    Of course, you can't expect as much attention and 'service' as you would get from private facilities but to me the most important was a safe delivery at minimal costs so it didn't matter to me.

    I am not a very demanding person and I have heard a lot of stories about how bad public facilities are so I had little expectations when I checked in to Pamela Youde. Therefore it was a nice surprise for me, to have such a pleasant and uneventful experience. Which might explain why I'm being so positive about most things that people don't like about public hospitals:

    no private ward - I was in a ward with 6 mum-to-be. It was my first and I did not know what to expect, so it was comforting to have someone in exact same situations to talk to. I received a lot of encouragement from other women.

    baby deliver by nurses not doctors - the nurses deliver probably 10 babies a day, 5 days a week, for the last 10 years, they can be more experienced than OBs in private practice. Besides, there are many doctors standing by in case of emergency while when you go private, you only have 1 doctor and imagine if your doctor is delivering another baby (or on vacation like mine!)

    no privacy - that's right, absolutely no privacy. I breastfed my baby in same room with 20 other mums, but who cares?

    inexperienced doctors - that I'm not sure... I did not dialate after trying everything and waiting for 12 hours so the doctor decided to give me a c-section (after I begged her to give me one. I suspect the nurses were also a bit fed up with me pushing the call button every 15 minutes). The doctor was young, in her 30's but seemed to know what she was doing. It was a quick procedure, I got to **** and hold the baby when he's out. My husband was there holding my hand the whole time. I also healed fast, only needed painkillers 2 days.

    husband - my hubby got to stay with me since they rolled me to the delivery room and throughout the c-section procedure.

    mainland women - boy, there were many of them, and it does create a lot of work load for the helpers and nurses. Do expect to meet some very frustrated and irritated staff. But they are just human, I'm sure there are frustrate and irritated staff just the same at private hospitals.

    complications - I was in a ward with a mum who had an emergency c-section. she was thankful that she went for public facilities as she believed with her condition, the private hospitals might have to send her to public ones anyways. The hospital kept both the mum and baby for over 2 weeks for tests and observation... imagine the bill had it been in private hospital. Money aside, the nurses were really compassionate, and they were very caring and nice to that mum.

    visiting hours - yes, you can only visit the mum and the baby in certain hours but to be honest, the mum would be so busy feeding the baby, she has little time to see you or family and friends. Anyways, the mum can meet visitors OUTSIDE the ward anytime.

    Overall, considering the fact that I only paid $660 for 6-day stay and the c-section, it was a wonderful experience. I am thankful that my baby and I were well taken care of at Pamela Youde.

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    kennedy town

    Many Thanks for all your posts, its nice to hear all your views and it has definately helped.

    Well we have decided to register and tsuk yuk with the delivery in QMH, we are going on march 10th for our registration!!

    We will take our ipod!!

    Thanks again

    Stephen & Yoshiko

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