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Epidural or GA - required spine check in advance

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    Epidural or GA - required spine check in advance

    Dear all,

    I am now 34 weeks pregnant and have opted for a elective C-section to deliver my baby. I have hurt my spine some time ago that leads to curve at my spine (not straight anymore). Now that I have to decide whether I should use Epitural (regional block at lower part of body) or GA at the C-section. Should I see the Anthesia specialist before I decide which one is more suitable for me? I am now having prenatal visits in both private and public hospitals but I will be having my C-section in St Teresa. Should I see the specialist at public hospital or St Teresa? Is it a must to see the same anthesia specialist who is helping me to deliver OR I can just see the one at public hospital to save the cost?

    Some of my friends also said that specialist at St. Teresa normally just ask patient to do GA as they are more experienced in GA rather than epidural. Does anybody has experience in St. Teresa hospital?? Is the above saying correct?? I am just concerned that I will need to admit to hospital one day earlier if I am going to see the specialist at St Teresa. If they will ask me to do GA anyways, is it worth to spend such money?? I am also not sure if GA is more dangerous too.

    Appreciate if anybody has similar experience to share your views. Thanks so much

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    definitely see the anesthetist beforehand.
    i had my first with epi and my second under General. i'd take the general in a heartbeat if i had to do it all over again!

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