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    Tseung Kwan O

    bbvv, stop buying the zucchini from that shop. I have massive experience in this, trust me. One of the foods my daughter is not allergic to (she has allergies to large no. of foods) is zucchini so I dare say I know quite a bit abt zucchinis : )

    The sweetest zucchini I have brought is the green variety from Citysuper IFC. I think it is from Holland or Australia. Either is fine. Choose medium size ones with dark green skin. Do NOT buy the yellow ones in Citysuper, they are medicine-bitter. Three-sixty also stocks sweet green zucchini. I saw Great's also stock it but not sure if it is sweet or bitter kind. probably not a good idea to put salt or seasonings in it as your bub is still young.

    i peel off skin, discard top and bottom bits (careful sap doesn't get to the main part), wash thoroughly, chop width-wise, and steam till soft before puree and store in freezer trays. Before going through the trouble of steaming, i always eat one piece raw and see if it is bitter. if so, discard the whole thing. Sometimes and I stress sometimes, the bottom half is less bitter than the top (or is it the other round?) so you may be able to salvage it by using part of the zucchini.

    Oh yes, I complained to Citysuper before re bitterness of their zucchinis so they said they would happily refund $. Now they even cut and taste for me before I buy it. Bottom line is to buy from several places and stick to the ones that are sweet. I do find those from Australia extremely sweet and tasty.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks mummybee, actually I brought both the green (organic) and the yellow ones from Citysuper and they were both bitter do didn't end up giving it to my baby. Kind of lost confidence in them. Maybe I can try your method and ask them to cut and taste. They are pretty on the expensive side too.

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