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OMG! i think i'm crazy! (flight advice please!)

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    yes, weaning 2yo from formula is a great idea. but mine would never let go of the bottle at sleepy time. so trying it out at home for a wk or so is a good idea. but one word of advice, they only have UHT milk on the planes, i think. then pls check whether you can get fresh milk from the transit lounges in all those airports you're going thru. for me, besides bfeeding, it's always easier to give LO formula when travelling, so i don't have to worry about buying milk at the airport (the walking around looking for it is a hassle by itself when you have a toddler in tow), and keeping the milk cold. cos i mix my formula with room temperature water when i can't find hot water. and since mine (same as yours) is 2 yo, when i'm on the plane or transiting, i repeatedly used the same bottle. i just rinse it out with the hot water after each use. (i figure if they can be chewing on shoes & picking up things in the sand to put in the mouth, that should be fine) :missingto

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    Cool Babies on Flights

    Dear Carang
    If you want a bassinet, make sure you request the row of seats that can hold it. If you can, make it clear to your travel agent when picking up your tickets that he/she should pre-book this for you.

    In my experience, the staff on airlines are quite helpful if you have young children, but it all depends on the staff on board. When checking in, you should be entitled to check in at a separate counter which deals with passengers who have special requirements so that you don't have to line up for ages with your children.

    Good luck!

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    hey carang, you've got loads of friends here. i've never seen athread that can generate so many response in the 1st 24 hrs!! so many ppl empathise with you!!

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    hey guys, me again...

    jsut had a hell of a morning trying to get all the paperwork sorted out... thank god that's done!

    i'm now thinking getting him off of formula and just foregoing the milk while in flight. he'll be just as happy drinking juice/water and a little bit of soda.

    thanks for the info about UHT milk. i actually bought some drinking boxes of it a while ago and my boy took one sip and that was it....

    joannek...i think that the folks on geobaby are some of the most helpful around, that's one of the reasons i like it so much!

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    sent you a pm - good luck and hope your grandmother is okay.

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    oh thot of this when posting to another thread. security restrictions on liquids, remember to go up with liquids under 100ml, they were strict on this last time i travelled, even when i said i'm using the water for baby's formula. baby food and milk powder got thru no problem. so the same applies to juices.

    also, one thing i do is to board with 1 plastic water bottle (for yourself), and ask the hostess to fill it up when i'm on board, saves me asking for tiny glasses of water 100 times in flight.

    on take-off, remember to ask your toddler to drink up or eat up to ease the ear pressure.. while you might have to breastfeed the newborn. when we travelled last time, i had to time to feed her RIGHT when the plane takes off, so when you hear the pilot really going for it. not when he's taxi-ing coz you don't really know how long you have to wait before the REAL takeoff.

    i've also read that you can talk to your toddler about the trip beforehand (now!) and get him prepared for it. they always say they understand a lot than we think they do, it's just that we keep forgetting it !

    BEST OF LUCK! you have many fingers crossed for you!

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    More questions re flying long haul with baby

    Just found out I'd be going to Toronto coming April / May. Like Carang, I'm also going to see my grandma (90 years old!). I'd be taking baby who would be 7 / 8 months then. We are flying CX and it'd be a 19 hour flight. Hubby might not be able to join, so there is a possibility that I'd be traveling alone with baby.

    More questions:

    1) how big is the bassinet? Would it fit a 8 month old?
    2) if I didn't get bulk head at economy, does it mean i would have to hold the baby throughout the flight?
    3) follow up to question #2, moms who had experience traveling in economy (but not bulk head), was it difficult? how did you cope?
    4) do they allow babies at business class?
    5) do the flight attendents help out? and if they do, what assistance should I expect or ask for?
    6) Baby's on formula. Should I follow the HK feed and sleep hours or adjust him to toronto's?
    7) i read about giving baby water during take off and landing to release pressure. Have anyone tried? Did it work?
    8) anyone knows how's the temperature like in Toronto in April and May?
    9) what's the biggest challenge when you travelled alone?

    Sorry for the long list of questions. Thanks a million for your valuable input!

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    I flew alone with my son when he was four months old and was terrified beforehand, however it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be!

    The weight limit for the bassinet is 10kg! And at four months my son was almost too tall for it ( he is very tall!). However on the same flight I noticed a baby who could walk in the bassinet....but I would worry about putting a 7-8 mnth in it. Depends on how heavy your baby is.

    The good thing about the bulkhead seat is that you have lots of leg room- the bad thing is that the armrest doesn't come up so even if there is a spare seat next to you you can't lift the armrest up and let baby lie across you and the spare seat (which you can do on the other rows).
    I also find it hard to breastfeed my son in the bulkhead seat because he's so long and the armrest won't come up!

    If your baby won't fit in the bassinet you will have to carry them the whole way, unless there is an empty seat next to you or unless you book them a seat. If it is a busy route/flight it might be worth booking them a seat- not much fun to have to hold a 7-8 mnth old for 19hrs!

    There isn't much you can ask a flight attendent to do- I asked one to watch my sleeping son while I went to the toilet and that is about it. Am sure they would be happy to help do that, or to get you water etc. I have a friend who is a flight attendent and she was once asked to change a baby's nappy.....needless to say she was not very impressed!

    I always feed my baby on take off and landing- stops the pressure from hurting their ears. But you can give pacifier etc. During the flight I feed him when's important to remember that the air is very dry on a plane and babies need more liquid when flying.

    Good Luck!

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