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Prenursery schools near Causeway Bay

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    Victoria is very popular among locals. Rumor has it that Victoria is well connected and kids who go there are more likely to be accepted by renowned primary schools. A lot of parents use Victoria as stepping stone to good primary education therefore they receive A LOT of applications and naturally they also reject a lot.

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    Hi all, for your information, I decided against St Paul as for pre-nursery, not sure if you know but its a full day class from 8.30 - 5.30pm. I have no desire to send a 2 year old for a full day class. At 2-3 years old, our babies need to rest and play and be little children. With Victoria, a good school but terribly "commercial" school that I sometimes thinks values connections more than education (my elder daughter went there). The rest like KCS and Lingnan I hear are quite good. Anyone went to KCS nursery? I hear its all Mandarin and I am thinking of sending my son there but as he is a native english speaker, I am not sure whether he will have a hard time.

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    2 of mine are there. My 2 yo son in the nursery. The classroom mainly consists of kids with no mandarin background. Chinese or non-chinese that do not grant the kids to come from mandarin background. To me, Nursery is just for kids to learn how to socialize ..not anything beyond. Personally, (I think) the medium of teaching is not a big concern to kid at this age yet as the kids play and following instruction by mimicking other.

    My daughter is already in K2 and that's where the load of homework begin to pinch in. I do not read nor write chinese, may be that's the tougher part in coaching her with homework. I am getting very mechanical following to the exercise book.

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