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New cabin allowance restrictions and travelling with babies

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    i found the restrictions are the worst departing for the US and sometimes for Canada. what i ended up doing was bringing and EMPTY bottle and would ask the attendent to fill it up with their hot water asap, to allow for it to then cool for when i needed it. luckily i was breastfeeding mostly, but i'd use the water for mixing cereal, which is fine for you to bring. i'd use the formula containers (3 to one set) and fill each with some formula (just in case i need), some cereal, and some cheerios.

    as for jarred food, i just called CX ahead of time (i don't like to pack a heavy load anyways) and asked for baby meals. they will then bring out their selection for you to choose from... they have things from fruit purees to meat selections. however once my daughter became older, she soon required something more substantial and i'd make sure i brought bananas, grapes and etc. they heat the food. or your b/milk by just giving you a glass of hot water and you just let it sit in there to heat.

    also beware of bringing gels now.. ie nappy cream, face lotion, hand lotion. i am told they have really cut down on the allowance you can bring on board. while your baby is under 2 yrs old, make sureyou call and ask for the diapers... it comes in a pack of 2 (you can request more for long haul, but the diapers are not great.. but usuable) also it comes with 1 small tube of mustela nappy cream, and 1 small tube of mustela baby face cream.

    as for bottles of water bought after the check at customs, i was still told to dump my water right before a check AT THE GATE. i was flying to LA.

    this was end of last year, so i'm not sure it has changed since then. also call ahead for a request for milk (full fat) if your baby has started to drink cow's milk. they can't guarantee milk on every flight.

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    In my previous post, I meant departing from HK...

    Anyway, Cathay Pacific also gave me a set of Heinz baby food, which I did not use. You can ask airline stewardess to warm up the baby food for you if needed.

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