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C-Section at Queen Mary?

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    I'm sure Cara will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that in cases where they do allow elective C-sections, they don't normally agree to this a long time in advance. I guess they are trying to discourage wastage of public money. If you go into premature labour they may want to evaluate you then, rather than agreeing in advance what they will do. I have friends who have suffered a fair amount of anxiety because of not knowing in advance what was going to happen, when they had conditions which they thought warranted a planned C-section.

    But I don't think they are very confident delivering breech babies naturally - not many doctors have experience of that nowadays - and I suspect their C-section percentage for twins is also rather high. So if one of the babies is breech I doubt they will let you labour for long. Once you are at the hospital they will also be monitoring the babies closely and if there is any cause for concern then I am sure they will want to get them out ASAP.

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    i started talking to the high risk team at QMH around 20 weeks and told them then and there that i wanted a c-section.

    i had 2 terribly complicated pregnancies and i developed pre-eclampsia during the last day of my first pregnancy when they rushed me in for an emergency(for many reasons, i was VERY unhappy with the way they handled the first delivery). with my second pregnancy i was already developing major complications by 20 weeks. i told them that i didn't even want to attempt a natural delivery. they agreed that it was probably not in the cards anyway and said that i could have an elective c-section. they didn't book it until after i'd made it to 30 weeks though. i ended up delivering by elective c-section, under general anesthesia (completely asleep and unaware) at 36 weeks.

    the second delivery was one SOOOO much better than the first that you can't even compare. i was disappointed not seeing the baby until the next day, but it was what was best for the health of hte baby and for me.

    i would just talk to the drs. i've found them EXTREMELY helpful and i even went with a list of about 15 questions that the head of the high risk team took about 30 minutes to answer in detail for me.

    i can't say enough about how wonderful the high risk team is at QMH!

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