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DH asking to borrow money

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    i thought of asking the helpers to introduce, so that they will get along. but if it's introduced by them, if i don't like her on arrival, it'd be upsetting to fire the new one. yes, we already have 2 helpers in the house, and i need one more to take care of my child. we have 6 people in the household, so these 2 helpers have their hands full already.

    i live with my in-laws & they're shanghainese. they're used to having cooks & maids around the house. They're used to having 6-8 dishes +soup for dinner. then my MIL always come home for lunch (which she needs 2-3 dishes), and she has afternoon tea (noodles or dimsum). so the cook is very busy. the other one does the cleaning and tidying. the washing machine runs 5 loads of wash/day!! my MIL hires the other two, and i only hire the one who takes care of my baby.

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    Oh Joanne, you really have your hands full. MIL sounds very demanding. Makes me glad mine lives in another country !

    My helper had her daughter in law come over here on a visitors visa so that the new employer could meet her. She didn't work, just sort of an interview. The new employer needed to meet her in person before they would hire her, fair enough. I wrote a letter saying that I supported the daughter in law coming to HK (whatever that means).

    The only other thing I could suggest would be to make your current helper responsible for the new helper - ie training, work ethic, etc. That way if it doesn't work out, it isn't your fault. Although on the downside, if it doesn't work out you might need to get rid of two helpers, not just one. Oh dear I'm no help at all. Best of luck.

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