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TTC, depressed, feel like giving up

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    TTC - other options

    Interesting thread for me to read bc it brings back soo many memories of the pain, anguish and heartbreak during our TTC years. I feel for you all. We are blessed with a beautiful healthy 3 year old daughter but we really wanted more children so started trying about a year after DD was born. DH immediately had his sperm tested and all was fine and I went through various tests and followed the book recommended earlier on in this thread "taking charge of your fertility" - great book and really helps you to understand your body and how it all works. I eventually started clomid but aftrer a few months decided it was not for me - just could not deal with the side effects. Anyway to make a long story a bit shorter - we soon realized that what we wanted most was to bring another child into our family and for us it did not have to be our biological child - so we made the decision to follow the path of international adopion.
    After much research, lots and lots and lots of paperwork, homestudies, background checks etc. our dossier was finally logged in to China Center of Adoption Affairs in April 2007 - now the long wait begins but at least we do know that somewhere out there on the mainland there is a child waiting for us who will someday join our family.
    I share our story not to convince anyone about adoption because it is not for everyone- but thanfully for us it was the right choice. I share this more to offer a little bit of hope and strength from someone that has been there - hang in there Bozo and others - Baby dust to you all!!

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    Hi MayC,
    Don't lose hope. I think a lot of women are going through the same thing and it is a warming and comfortable feeling knowing that we are not alone.

    Hubby and I have been trying for baby # 2 since October last year and I just got my period last Saturday. That makes it 9 months of TTC, yet I keep my hopes up. Resting in the knowledge that it took almost a year for my son who is now turning 4 to be conceived. So I will keep trying, hubby is coming back from NY tomorrow night and brings with him a fertility monitor gadget (Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor), have heard great and exciting things about this gadget and hopefully I am able to tell a good story about it as well.

    Pray and keep hoping.

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