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pregnant and sleepless in HK...

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    pregnant and sleepless in HK...

    Hi everyone,

    I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and having so much trouble sleeping throughout the night - always tend to wake up between 3am to 5am and can't seem to go back to bed! By the time I've tossed and turned around enough that I'm tired, it's time to get up for work....I know sleeplessness is a common symptom during pregnancy and it's not so bad during the weekends where I can take naps but it is so tough during the week when I have to work.

    How do working pregnant mothers cope?

    Has anyone tried those sleeping pillows? Do they actually work?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Louiseamanda is offline Registered User
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    Hi there

    A pillow between your legs (lying on side) helps as you grow bigger.

    Not sure what helps, but I think this is normal in pregnancy. I woke up every 2 hours from first trimester onwards.

    Just carry on napping when you can. I think its hormonal, so may not avoid it anmd no, it doesnt continue afyter delivery, but your sleep is curtailed for different reasons. Some of the anxiety will go, as you continue and afterbaby is born, life is much more practical, than thinking!

    Hope this helps

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    Well, it's about 05:30 as I'm writing this - I'm 33 weeks, but my sleeplessness is often caused by my over-active mind when there's a lot going on rather than anything physical.

    Definitely use a pillow, just a regular one will do, between your legs and supporting your belly. Sleep on the side you find most comfy. When you wake; try not to get your brain active by thinking about stuff too much and instead think about something relaxing that will help you get back off to sleep.

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    JennyB is offline Registered User
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    Oh, I remember those days... Use LOTS of pillows. Elevate the upper body if you can. Try a comfy armchair with pillows for a change to see if that helps. And try catnaps at work. If you feel tired, put your head down on your desk and close your eyes for just a few minutes. I started doing this when I was pregnant and was surprised at how refreshing it was.

    When you are really knackered then don't be shy of going straight to bed when you get home from work! Sometimes sleep is more important than the other things that you think need doing in the evening, and you will appreciate this even more keenly when the baby arrives.

    Remember that if you are lying awake at night, lying down with your eyes closed does count for something. I find it can be frustrating when you can't sleep, thinking "I need more sleep! I must get back to sleep quickly!", which makes sleep harder to come by. An attitude of "This is nice, I have a chance to rest and if I fall back to sleep it's a bonus" might encourage sleep more.

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    I didn't sleep well towards end of third trimester. It pained my lower back after I slept on my back for a few hours, then it pained my buttocks and thighs when I turned. And of course, there were the night pee routine! I found it quite comfortable to sleep sitting up with huge fluffy pillows supporting my back and neck.

    Did a lot of stretching exercise at work to keep myself from falling asleep. It was helpful -- for a while.

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    Bubbly is offline Registered User
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    I also have the same trouble and tend to wake up at around 5am. I have this lavendar linen spray (from L'Occitane) which I use on my pillow and duvet just before I sleep and everytime I use it, I seem to sleep through the night, so you may want to try that.

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