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April moms- how are you feeling??

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    labor blues...

    Hi Katie-ctrbabe1,

    I had my 36 week appointment at Tsun Yuk yesterday and thought I'd share with you how different my experience was there. The doctor I saw yesterday wasn't as confused as yours. I did have to initiate the conversation on the birth plan and he said that it wasn't necessary for me to have the birth plan written out because according to him, talking to him about it was good enough, but at the same time, he didn't document anything we were saying! So needless to say, I'm still printing my birth plan out and will tape it to my forehead if I have to...

    I was really frustrated because I wanted to see about having an elective C-section scheduled. At the appointment with our private doctor two weeks ago, we were told that our baby's head is quite large, that the baby would come out weighing close to 8 lbs, and not to be surprised if I end up having to get an emergency C-section if I go with a natural birth. I really pushed for the elective C-section yesterday with this doctor at Tsun Yak. The doctor agreed that our baby is a good-sized baby, but he pushed equally back against the C-section, saying that because the size of the baby was due to genetics and not medical reasons, and that because QMH has a gold standard as a teaching hospital and "if everyone had C-sections because they wanted it, then how could they teach their future doctors?," that he didn't feel he could approve an elective C-section.
    I didn't agree with everything he was saying and felt like he wasn't listening to my concerns at all.

    As for checking up on things like dilating, he said that they don't check to see if patients are dilating until they are in pain. I asked him if he would take a pelvic measurement as a case for/against the elective C-section and he said they would not.

    He did finally say that if the baby goes past the due date they have indicated in their records as April 16, then they may consider doing the C-section. But unlike you, they didn't give me an appointment for coming in for another appointment after the due date. They only gave me an appointment for the next time on April 10.

    Anyway, that was my experience. I was quite annoyed and came out of the appointment feeling flustered and depressed. All I can think about is how our baby is getting bigger in there and she's still got two more weeks to go...

    Good luck with your delivery -- you're getting really close now! I know you'll be super busy and then tired after the birth, but keep in touch. I'd love to hear about your experience at QMH once you're out. Who knows? Maybe our baby will decide to pop out at the same time as yours and we'll be in the hospital together! :-)

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    That seems ridiculous because if you think about it, it would be much more expensive for the public system to have you go into labor for however long and then have an emergency C section. Even though it's a public system, you pay taxes here thereore you really should have a say in how you deliver your baby. Ugh - so sorry about that.

    My private Dr also did not check to see if I'm dilated or effaced. I know that in the US it's pretty common to check at every appointment it seems in the last trimester. His attitude is that the baby will come when the baby comes, which I suppose makes sense since I had a friend who was not at all dilated and then went into labor a day later and then a friend who was 3cm dilated (though not in labor) and it took her 4 more weeks to go into labor So go figure.

    Millerwhisk - Am interested to see how your c section goes. Let us know when you have a chance. I'm scheduled for 4/11 at the Matilda.

    Good luck!

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