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Ferrari baby carseats

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    Ferrari baby carseats

    Does anyone have any views on these Ferrrari baby carseats being sold at Toysrus and Eugene (found out that they are cheaper at Toysrus). Not sure what make it is but it has the Ferrari covers. We are thinking of taking a carseat onto the plane and these ones are relatively lighter that the one we got which weighs 10kg.

    Please see link for details.

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    Hi bbvv,

    Know nothing about the Ferrari carseats, but if you are planning on taking it on a flight as a CRS check with your airline to make sure they allow it. On most US flights their has to be a FAA Approved sticker on the side, however, it is still best to double check and get a copy of the airline’s policy as the on board crew may still try to tell you that it has to be checked.

    I have heard from my Australian friend's the Aussie and New Zealand airlines are even stricter and do not recognize FAA standards.

    If you can find one in Hong Kong, I would HIGHLY recommend the Sit-n-Stroll for toddlers:

    we have traveled with ours a lot and I don't know how I would manage without it .... I have seen a few selling second hand from time to time ... so if ya interested, check the ads and make sure it hasn't been in an accident.

    Good luck!

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