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    JANE892 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
    Hong Kong

    I really want to thank each and everyone of you ladies for replying to me. Honestly- I did not expect this sort of response and I feel so touched at the tenderness and encouragement of your words.
    This really has been so hard. I've been in HK for 3.5 weeks. My husband is always away travelling for work, my job is not what I imagined..our apartment is a nightmare due to a nasty chinese landlord and zero storage space....and then the one thing that kept me smiling was my pregnancy...and then it too ended. So things in HK have been pretty bad. :(
    Anyway...I guess things can only get better. I'm so glad to hear that an early miscarriage is very common and that many many women go on to have successful, healthy pregnancies afterwards. I will look after myself even better than before. Limit stress and eat well (I don't smoke). I definitely need to do some exercise here..!! I've done zero since arriving!
    Again I appreciate and your kind words and support.
    Jane xxx

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    jamesandsimo is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2006
    hong kong

    hi jane
    i have just read this and i too miscarried with first pregnancy, waited 3 months b4 trying again. now have a beautiful 6mth old boy he was born nearly exactly 1 year later. They have no idea why i miscarried and from the group of friends that i have i would say its 1 out of every 2 friends have miscarried in the first 12 weeks - they say that it is 1 out of every 3.

    i read everything i could, i wondered what i might have done wrong etc but really there is no answer.

    I was very scared when i fell pregnant a second time and i went for lots of scans and check ups, so do what's best for you and don't listen to anyone who wants to be negative, i still travelled, went on holidays and ended up going home to aus to have my baby. When you fall again, do as many appointments as you need to make yourself feel better. I spotted a fair bit in the third trimester which scared me alot, but after going for scans every few weeks i was at peace.

    good luck

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    Matty is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Sai Kung

    Hi Jane,

    I've sent you a PM.


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    turtle is offline Registered User
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    May 2006

    Hi Jane

    I feel for you as have just had my second miscarriage in 4 months, first one was Dec 06 and I was 8 weeks 3 days and second was last week when I was 8 weeks 2 days.

    My doctor is going to run tests so I don't yet have any answers, but he says that sometimes even after tests there might be no answers. Miscarriage is more common than people think, just about every SINGLE women I am friends with has had at least one.

    I got pregnant one month after the first miscarriage, but it seems it was just too soon for my body. My doctor has assured me that it is nothing that I am eating or doing physically, it is just nature's way.

    He has recommended a baby dose of aspirin for the next pregnancy, but he is talking about another pregnancy so we can try again. I am not giving many answers, but I do feel for you. Get your body going again at 110% and it is sure to happen again soon. I am upping my exercise and am watching what I eat, and have my fingers and toes crossed!

    Good luck xxx

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    mum of 2 is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2006
    Hong Kong

    Dear Jane

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Having had 4 miscarriages, I can well imagine what you are going through. As the other posters have mentioned it is extremely common, but that does not help your grieving process. Neither does the knowledge that it does happen for a reason, a fietus usually miscarries if the genetic make-up mean that it will not survive outside the uterus.

    Having a miscarriage does not mean that you will have trouble getting or staying pregnant next time. Despite my history, I have 2 perfect children and am 6 months along with my 3rd. Must admit that I am totally neurotic every time though, and my doctor is probably sick of the sight of me (I assume that every little twinge or drop of blood is bad news).

    There is nothing that you can do to prevent a miscarriage, especially at 5 weeks. Neither is there any set time that you should wait before trying again. Give yourself time to recover from this loss and try when you are physically and emotionally ready. Some doctors say to wait one or two periods, which helps with dating the pregnancy etc. With modern ultrasounds, the dating is no longer a problem. Some doctors will prescribe aspirin, progesterone etc. for future pregnancies, but that is done on a case by case basis.

    I promise that it gets easier. Just allow yourself time but keep reminding yourself that you did nothing to cause this and could not have doen anything to prevent it. Very best of luck!!!

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    reei is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007
    Hung Hom


    perhaps you would like to read this book:
    "How to prevent miscarriage and other crises of pregnancy" by stefan semchyshyn, m.d. and carol colman.

    good luck.

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