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Affordable preschool in Pokfulam area?

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    Affordable preschool in Pokfulam area?

    I am moving with my family from Australia to Hongkong next month. I have managed to get my daughter in to an international school but would also like to send my son to preschool when he turns three in October. I was a bit blown away by the cost of preschools as they are alot cheaper here in Australia and that is something we hadn't banked on when we accepted my husbands posting. They look to be nearly as expensive as the international schools. Does anyone know of any good and reasonably priced preschools in the Pokfulam area? Also, is it normal for them to only attend for only half a day? I would prefer to send him for maybe two days per week but from say 9am to 3pm which is what generally happens in Australia. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    There's a Woodland Pre-School in Pokfulam (at Chi Fu Garden). It's international and they've got half day as well as full day school. Here's the school info link:

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    There is also a Sunshine House International in Pok Fu Lam and Chi Fu depending if you want bi lingual or not. I was looking for only three days a week and had a hard time most schools seem to be for 5 days a week at this age. This Sunshine house does offer 3 days but they are half days BUT they do offer extended classes also that go till I believe 2:00 (?) worth giving them a call! 2551 3213 (Pok Fu Lam) or
    good luck!

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