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(humor) Music education for age -1 to 3

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    Talking (humor) Music education for age -1 to 3

    As a early childhood music educator, I have met a lot of moms with babies. Regardless of nationalities, they are full of hopes and expectations. By the age of 3, it seems like they've learnt more about music and language than you and I might have. If you are a mommy or plan to become one here is what your child will likely experience before they turn 3:

    They are going to singing lessons at the age of 3, being taught about the difference between head tone and chest tone

    They are learning piano at the age of 2.5, while they can't even hold a pair of scissors properly

    "Loud" and "soft" have become too easy as a term to describe music, at the age of 2, they use "fortissimo" and "pianissimo" to address dynamics in music (by the way, fortissimo = very loud; pianissimo = very soft)

    At age 1.5, they are going to weekly Spanish and Japanese lessons while other 3 languages are being spoken at home (Cantonese, English and Philipino or some dialect from Indonesia), so they will be at least quadruple-lingual when they grow up.

    At 12 months, some moms may hire a native Mandarin speaker to come 3 times a week, 1 hour each, so that the language can "sink in" (note on physical and language development: 12 months old babies have just started walking and maybe saying "da ma ma" in response to any conversation, in any language)

    Even if you're not so obsessive about learning a foreign language, by 12 months, your baby must have collected about 20 certificates from music classes, gymnastic classes, language classes (ya, your babies may not be taking private lessons, but they got to have attended some group lessons?), arts and craft classes and other playgroups

    At 6 months, although your baby cannot make sense through verbal language, they should be able to communicate simple ideas such as "eat," "milk" or "more" with you through American Sign Language. Baby signs have become so popular that you wouldn't have missed introducing to your baby since birth. (If a sign just slipped out of your mind, please refer to

    If your baby would like to be compatible with others by the age of ONE, (i.e. having obtained about 20 certificates in their portfolio) mommies better get ready no later than babies turn 4 months. YUP, of course they will fall asleep after 20 minutes, but it's the attendance that counts, right?

    And sorry, the journey back doesn't stop here

    At age -0.2, 2 months before your baby feel the actual world with the other 4 senses, they are expected to react differently when you play classical music and contemporary music, or even differentiate among monophonic, homophonic and polyphonic music. (Please search in Wikipedia for definition)

    At the age of -0.5, CD collections like "Baby Mozart" and book series of Greek Mythology are sitting beside your bed. Baroque music is played before or during nap time while you gently tape a steady beat on your tummy, then maybe some Beethoven while you're doing your daily yoga exercise for pregnacy and some Mozart at the backgroud while you repeate a bedtime story about Medusa.

    You just found out you're pregnant? (baby's age = -1) Congratulations! If you have passed your Gr.5 piano exam 15 years ago, congratulations x2!! A little bit of live music every day never hurts. If you have taken French 002 or Japanese 020 during the first year of university, congratulations x3!!! You have the privilege to shop for children books in the foreign language aisle and start recalling the pronunciation of "le singe" and "うさぎ"

    You think you're ready to be a mom. Are you? Really?

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    Your point?

    What does your experience as an 'early music educator' (and if you mean by that Kindermusik...........well............) tell you about the things you describe?

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    yhmspy... Fantastic! Tickled me pink. Reminded me that my little bub is really in retrospect amidst all my expectations, a wee one.:crib

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