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caring for baby clothing

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    caring for baby clothing

    I'm going to be a mom for the first time, so there are a couple of things I'm not quite sure of how to handle...
    1. Can I use fabric softener to wash baby clothing? I read on several internet sites that it is not recommended coz after washing, it leaves a layer of gel on the clothing, which might not be good for baby's skin. But don't the companies selling f. softener always advertise with a baby pic on the product label?
    2. How about moth repellents? Though baby is due in July, I already got some clothes, bedding material, etc. ready. Haven't put any mothballs, dehumidifying substances or the like into the drawers of the baby's cupboard yet. But I'm afraid the new clothes will soon be destroyed by moths.. Anyone using smthg suitable that is sold on the market? I've seen some advertisement about odourless moth repellents, which are supposed to be suitable for babies' clothing as well, but I'm not sure whether this information is truthful (after all, the company might just wanna sell its product no matter what?).
    Thx for any advice!

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    i wouldn't use a fabric softener. the fabric softener works cos it puts a coating on the fibres of the clothing, so that's chemical by itself. there are some special gentle fabric wash for newborns cloths which are suppposed to be made for baby's skin. (don'ttrust those photos they put on fabric softener bottles. that's whay they call it "advertisement".

    i don't use any mothball for my baby's clothing. they're VERY strong. if you're afraid your baby's cloths will be eaten by moths, try the vacuum method. there're vacuum bags especially made for storing cloths, all you need is a vacuum cleaner to pull out the air from the storage bag. sold at all major dept stores.

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    mothballs are toxic, don't use them on your baby's clothes.

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