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Sun protective swimwear for babies

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    Question Sun protective swimwear for babies

    I was looking at the shop and I saw they only have Bybodyguard for sale. I have 3 kids and have tried all the sunprotective swimwear avaliable (I think). Body guard's suits in my opinion do not last as long as another brand I use called Solarsuits. I bought some in Australia in the Cancer Counsil shop then found a buisness that import then here called Total Eclipe (Ithink?). I know they're more expensive than bodyguard but the lady I spoke to really knew what she was talking about, in regards to sunprotection. Also the fact these ones are made in Australia not china and are also the only ones sold in the Cancer Counsil shops is why I trust them more.
    Has anyone else used these before? What do you think?


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    Hi Liz
    Yes, I am using the one from Total Eclipse - they are great, really recommend them, they are made in Aus and have had no trouble with them at all. More Expensive probably but i think they are totally worth it for the protection and how long they last.
    The ladies name is Linda at Total Eclipse and she was very helpful to me! (i think is their website!)

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