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Travel when pregnant

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    Travel when pregnant

    Does anyone have any ideas on when certain countries won't let you in if you're pregnant? I am 19 weeks with #2 and I know when I had #1 we had difficulty in finding a final holiday destination when I hit around 20 something weeks as certain countries wouldn't let me in (Malaysia and Philippines spring to mind).
    I checked on some airlines websites and they say 36 weeks but I know it was sooner than that before.
    Any tips greatly appreciated.

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    I traveled to Japan and China when I was about 26 weeks pregnant both times. I think the Canada, the US and countries in Europe allow pregnany women to travel there as well as the second trimester is the safest time to travel. I've never heard of the cut off being 20 weeks in some countries. I know most countries won't let you in after 35-36 weeks. My OB always wrote a letter saying I am safe to travel in case I run into any problems.

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    I suppose if you have a letter from your OB saying that it is safe for you to travel, it shoud be ok. I recently returned from the US. Am 20 weeks pregnant now and had no problems. If you have any doubts, why don't you call the consulate of that country to clearify. A hassle I know, but that is the best way to be sure.

    :cheerlead Almost time!!!!!!

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    I went to the Phillipines at 33 weeks with no problems, Definitely get a letter from your OB.

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