Many parents, whether it is at school or on-line, ask me where to buy Montessori materials. I answered your question briefly each time, but I never had the time to tell you more. True, many of the materials you see in the classroom are purchased, but a lots of other classroom material are hand-made by teachers like us at our free time. I would like to share with you a few links here.

As a Montessorian, allow me to say a few more words before clicking on the links.

Some of these materials you will see appears to be self-explainable on the usage, but others are not. Whether you think you know or not, please do your homework:

(1) Read Montessori related books to help yourself along the way. Using the material alone does not mean you are using the Montessori method. You need to understand the theory behind. In fact, not using them properly could create an adverse effect. You could end up thinking these materials are not useful, or even worse, startled your children. Please don't stuff or force them with information because they learn best when they want to learn.

(2) For those who like interaction and forming support groups, those who hate reading books on theories, please go take a Montessori Parent Education course. You could find them at places like Chinese University or Infinity Children.

(3) Post question / discussion here. Those experienced parents and resourceful teachers like carang are invaluable.

(4) You really need to make the call on what to buy and what to make. I remember cutting hundreds little squares out of foam board, printing and laminating, hoping to make a durable stamp game set for my son, and later found out that a wooden set in a wooden compartmented box costs less than $200. My material cost almost $100, let alone the time and effort.
- Little Montessorian has booth at UNY, Taikoo Shing is convenient. LM is a new company, so many of the items you see on the website are not available yet. They are coming along. (
- Infinity Children Montessori Learning Center. ( Here is where I do my teaching practicum. You need to make appointment so you won't interrupt classes, but you could actually see and touch all the material in the classroom. They customized sets of material for parents according to their needs and budgets. I have seen parents buying as little as little as a few hundred dollars to those feverish big spender who wish to replica the entire classroom at home.

Here are the Links:

(A Montessori homeschool environment)

(Lots of useful Info)

(One of the most visited site for Montessori teachers and parents world wide)