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bugaboo bassinet for sleeping?

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    bugaboo bassinet for sleeping?

    Hi! Does anyone have experience with using the bugaboo bassinet for an infant to sleep in instead of a crib or moses basket? What are the advantages/disadvantages? We have the bugaboo cameleon and our bedroom is quite small (that's why we want to use the bassinet). Please advise. Thanks!

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    vickirummun is offline Registered User
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    We have the bugaboo gecko and we used the bassinet instead of a moses basket. It worked really well for us especially as our baby was in his cot within 9 weeks so it was great to not have wasted money on something we wouldn't have had much use out of!
    What I would recommend is buying flat sheets instead of the moses basket fitted sheets as these tended to be too small. Also, buy something to place between the sheet and the matress which is waterproof - there were times when the baby's nappy leaked or he was sick and had it gone through to the bassinet matress then the pram is out of action for that day!
    Hope this helps, can't think of anything else, but basically it worked well for us!

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    We have the Bugaboo Chameleon and a large Boori-sized cot. We placed it in the cot and our little bub loved sleeping in it. It was great as we didn't have to wake him up to transfer him to the Bug.

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