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umbilical cord around neck?

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    I can see why you would fear a nuchal cord. Just in these postings there are many different and conflicting information. Nuchal cords are common with at least 25% of babies being born with one. With it being so common, one needs to wonder if this poses a risk to the baby. Although the image of your baby being "strangled" is horrifying, try to remember that in utero this is not really possible since your baby is not breathing as it will when it is born. The baby receives oxygen from the blood in the umbilical cord. Unless there is a reason why the blood flow is impeded, ie. a true knot or the cord is stretched very tightly, your baby should receive adequate oxygen. Also, if your baby is not receiving adequate oxygen this will become evident in the baby's fetal heart tones. This can be seen by decelerations in heart beat. I suggest asking your physician why they feel your baby is in danger. Have there been measurable signs that indicate distress? Or is this a preventative measure? Also, ask if they are uncomfortable attending a birth with a nuchal cord because they have not been exposed to handling a nuchal cord and thus lack the confidence. I would hate to see you have a c-section just because the doctor didn't want to deal with it. Here in the United States where c-sections are nearing 30% nuchal cords are not an indication for a surgical birth. Good luck with your decission. Your baby is 32 wks, and there is still a good possiblity that the cord will unwrap itself.

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    Thanks for the responses. I will consult further with my doctor. Hopefully, all will be fine!

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