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umbilical cord around neck?

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    umbilical cord around neck?

    Hi, I'm 32 weeks pregnant and according to the last ultrasound, the umbilical cord is around my baby's neck. I had planned for a natural delivery but was informed that there may need to be a c section. Has anybody experienced the same problem? Did you try to deliver naturally anyway?

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    if the cord is around the baby's neck it could cause strangulations and kill the baby during a natural delivery.

    if i was in your shoes, i'd want a c-section. i would never forgive myself if i insisted on having a natural and then the baby died during delivery.

    c-sections are not terrible and do not lessen the experience of becoming a mother.

    PLEASE do what your doctor recommends!

    good luck!

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    It really depends on what how and what the ob believes is happening.
    In fact, there is a high percentage of babies born with cord around the neck. In most cases you can easily loop the cord over the baby's head after the head has delivered and during restitution, sometimes it is tight and may require clamping and cutting.
    It seems that at 32 weeks, if a baby had a cord round neck that was causing concerns, I would expect that you would be having frequent CTG scans.
    If however there was a loop in the cord that was present in perhaps leading to a knot in the cord this would be another matter.
    Get some more specific answers and find out exactly what is happening. You deserve this, otherwise you will have sleepless nights and be worrying perhaps unecessarily.

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    Please ... You HAVE to put the health of your unborn baby first. I had a cord prolapse with my first son (completely unpreventable) and the birth was horrific. You on the other hand already know there is a complication and have the opportunity to choose the safest option. Honestly, I know what it's like to desire a natural birth but it's just not worth it!

    Good Luck!

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    I don’t think that a cord around the baby’s neck has to mean a c-section, usually the doctor can deal with it as the baby is being born, see what your doctor says.

    “Once the baby's head is delivered, the doctor will ask the mother to stop pushing temporarily. He will suction the mouth and nose of the baby, removing mucous secretion and amniotic fluid that may be present. He will check around the baby's neck to make sure the umbilical cord isn't wrapped around it. If it is, depending on how loose it is, he may unwrap the cord around the baby's neck. Sometimes, the cord may be tightly wrapped around the baby's neck; in that event, the doctor will clamp the cord in two places, cut the cord in-between the two clamps, unwrap the cord manually, and deliver the rest of the baby.”

    From What to Expect in a Normal Delivery

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    My son was delivered via c-section in HK because labor 'failed to progress'. After the c-section, my ob/gyn informed me that his cord was around his neck and made me think that this proved that the c-section was absolutely necessary and implied that it was even life-saving. At the time, I was relieved that I had had a c-section even though I had planned for a natural delivery.

    But subsequently, I told several friends and family members about my birthing experience and found that many of them had delivered naturally even though their babies had cords around necks (and some knew that they themselves were born back in the '70s with cords around their necks). Both my husband's nieces had cords around their necks (the younger one's cord was wrapped twice around her neck) and yet were born in the last few years in trouble-free natural deliveries.

    I agree that a cord around a neck is more of a risk for a natural delivery (in the same way as delivering twins or having a VBAC is more of a risk) but I don't think it means it definitely has to mean a c-section. As I found out through research after my own delivery, c-sections have their own risks. Like Barb said, talk to your doctor about it. The doctor should discuss with you his or her own experience of natural deliveries with babies whose cords were around their necks (unless s/he is a doctor who does mostly c-sections, s/he should have a lot of prior experience of this common situation). Though whatever you end up deciding in consultation with your doctor, you can be assured that motherhood is a wonderful gift regardless of how you end up delivering :-)

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    It is more common than you would think, and most times does not pose a danger to the baby. The doctor can assess the situation as it progresses.
    My baby's cord was around his neck, and thankfully the midwives didn't tell me which of course would have worried me unecessarily. She mentioned it to my husband, said there was no cause for concern, and they would monitor closely for any distress.
    All was fine, she had to cut the cord immediatley, ( as detailed by barbwong) so unfortnatley my husband missed out.

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    I was worried about this, went for an u/s, doc said, yes, cord round neck, very common (with perhaps 30 or 40% of babies) - baby delivered normally by midwife no problem (QMH). Wish I hadn't found out as I did worry a bit, but over nothing. Don't listen to the scaremongers - if you are having private antenatal checks with regular scans your doc will tell you if there's a problem, and if you're not, then just keep a watch on the baby moving (ask your doctor how often you should feel the baby move, and when/if to worry - I can't remeber shat he told me). It's very normal, and certainly not an indication that you should have a c/s.

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