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Solid foods

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    Solid foods


    We've started solid foods at 11a.m. feed for almost 2 weeks now.

    When to start giving baby the second meal (like 6 p.m. feed)?

    Do i reduce the amount of his milk? and later gradually stop the 10pm feed?

    Thanks, just have too much infomation and books to read on solids that i don't know which one to follow.

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    Hi Mama S
    I think it depends on your child but I was advised that you want to eventually reduce your child to 3 milk feeds a day.
    In the begining the solids that your baby takes is not really that much and not really that nutritious (especially compared to milk) and often your baby may not be really absorbing all they need anyway as their digestion is not yet mature enough.

    If your baby is eating well then you can introduce the 2nd meal as soon as you feel ready. Just keep in mind that you need to keep their milk intake up.
    This may not happen to you but one problem I experienced when I introduced the evening meal was that my daughter started to wake up at night again.
    basically she ate the food and felt full and only had a small evening milk feed so woke up hungry.
    I changed her to breakfast and lunch solids and the problem was solved

    Good luck

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