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Baby shopping

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    Baby shopping

    I'm now 6+months pregnant and haven't started my baby shopping yet. Can anyone tell me what are "must-buy" items? I'm overwhelmed by the plethora of gadgets and accessories they have in baby stores.

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    Going through the same thing right now, but on my 3rd, so have a few things left over from one and two (although gave lots away, thinking that 2 was it).

    I have become much more practical this time round (bought every single thing the store suggested for my first and used less than half of it). People vary on what they consider essential, but this is my list:

    - Stroller/Travel system including car seat (many people will tell you that you do not need a car seat in HK, I disagree. You have to take your own view). My strollers were the things I have used most since my eldest was born. Taking the babies out for walks/shopping etc. kept me sane.

    -Baby Bjorn or some other infant carrier. Everyone has their own favourite. I have always preferred the BB Active Fit, but am concerned that it will be too hot in HK during the summer for it.

    - Cot of some description. Bought a cot-bed for my first, which my second is still using, so need something to see me throughuntil he transfers to a bed. Think the Arms Reach Co-sleeper might be best for us as my firts 2 spent most of their time in our bed for 6 months. Bought carry cot and moses basket first time around - moses basket was a total waste of money (carry cot was useful for walks but you can get by without it).

    - Changing mat. I also bought changing table, nappy disposal system etc.,which I never used. Luckily the changing table had drawers, so stil use those.

    - Changing bag, but it does not need to be a standard nappy bag. I now use a large leather bag as I got tired of changing bags. Just make sure that there are compartments and that you have room for changing mat, nappies, wipes etc.

    - Breast pump if you are breast feeding. Having tried a few models, Avent Isis was my favourite (and cheapest), but people vary on this.

    - Some bottles and a steriliser. I prefer microwave sterilisers. I did waster a lot of money on bottles that the children would not take. Do not buy too many until you find a brand that your baby likes. Mine were difficult to wean from breast milk.

    - A bath seat or baby bath. I liked the plastic bath that sat on top of the regular bath because I did not have to bend down too much. Still used a seat inside that for support.

    - Basic baby clothes. Do not buy much; you'll be showered with gifts that your baby will never get a chance to wear.

    - A cot mobile and a play mat. I found the TinyLove Symphony in Mobile a lifesaver. Even before they could see the mobile, they were fascinated by the music for long enough to allow me to go to the bathroom, have a shower etc.

    - A bouncy chair or similar.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure that people will have lots of other suggestions. Happy shopping!

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    go to the website - people sell all their stuff on it - i got amazing things on it and glad i did because they grow out of everything so quickly!

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    eco-mama haas a lot of 2nd hand stuff too

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