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Furniture stores

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    Question Furniture stores

    As I am preparing our move, I'd like to know what the stores offer in HK. Is IKEA the same as everywhere or do they have a more limited selection? Is there an equivalent to Crate and Barrel, i.e. more expensive / slightly better design-quality than IKEA? Where can one find reasonably priced quality wood furniture with simple design from Indonesia?


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    Funiture is one thing you don't need to worry about being able to find in HK.
    IKEA is big here and they have a great range.
    There are more upmarket stores like Tequila Kola and Shambala that are reasonable close to Crate & Barrel, though more expensive.

    One great thing in HK are there are loads of stores that custom make funiture, cheaply or good quality, whatever your needs are, including sofas, which is excellent when you have limited space.

    We had all our wooden furniture made in Macau (day trip on the ferry) and it is fantastic. For athird of the cost you'd pay in the US you can have solid wood furniture made to your own design or have them help you design it in whatever style you are looking for.
    They deliver everything to HK for you.

    We originally went that way for the low cost and ended up with beautiful furiture that we'll keep forever.

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    Custom Made Furniture

    We are moving to a big house in Sai Kung and I need to furnish the whole place. Does anyone have any recommended places where they can custom make the furniture? I am looking for good quality stuff and don't mind making a trip to China or Macau. Any tips much appreciated.



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    I haven't found something close to Crate and Barrel. Some people may recommend GOD, but in my opinion it's not the same. Also like pp recommended TK and S are not even close in my opinion. I love Room & Board and Crate & Barrel, but not really something similar in HK. However you can have a lot made / copied here, so you may want to bring some catalogues.

    Oh, and Tree is maybe close to what you're looking for ... a lot of teak, straight lines, modern. Definitely closest to my 2 favorite stores. However we shipped a lot from the US so I only wanted some antiques to match the modern part. Tree has a website, so just google. They have a Central store and one in Ap Lei Chau on the 28th floor (very large). Not cheap, but their sale is quite good now and quality better than IKEA and a little different as well!

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    We are looking for furniture too. Are custom made furniture stores in Macau cheaper than HK? How do they do the measurements? Are the custom made furniture safe for children? Do they do the installation for you in HK? We will need to move into our apartment first and I think the furniture will come later so I don't want to get furniture that arrives still emitting a lot of paint fumes. Thanks.

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    I am trying to post a message with a new thread, but do not know how, can someone help pls.?

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    go to post messages. pick the category u want to post your message in and then click on new message and start typing

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