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View Poll Results: When did your baby 'sleep through' the night?

201. This poll is closed
  • 1-4 weeks (1 month)

    15 7.46%
  • 5-8 weeks (2 months)

    38 18.91%
  • 8-11 weeks (3 months)

    52 25.87%
  • 12-15 weeks (4 months)

    19 9.45%
  • 15-18 weeks (5 months)

    16 7.96%
  • 19-22 weeks (6 months)

    5 2.49%
  • Once I introduced food

    7 3.48%
  • Still wakes

    49 24.38%
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When did your baby 'sleep through' the night?

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

    I think the main thing is that each baby is different and different things work for different babies!

    I was also anti letting my baby cry himself to sleep which created a situation where my six month old would only sleep if rocked or nursed to sleep. This meant we then had to put him in his cot asleep and hope he stayed that way! Some nights it could take four or five tries of putting him in his cot, having him wake up, rocking him to sleep, putting him in his cot, having him wake up etc. It was exhausting and then once he was asleep he would wake up every hour, every two hours because he couldn't go back to sleep by himself!

    We waited until he was six months before attempting letting him fall asleep by himself in his cot. I tried staying with him until he slept, soothing him etc., but it only made him cry more. He will not sleep if I am in the room because, I suppose, there is always the hope I will pick him up!
    The only way to do it is to leave the room completely.
    It's also very important to be able to know when a baby is crying because they don't want to go to sleep by themselves without you there; and when they are crying because they are teething, because their nappy is full, etc.

    Since we started letting him fall asleep by himself, admitedly with some crying, he has never slept better. Last time for the first time ever (at almost seven months) he slept for 7 hrs straight! Also using this method I have managed to cut his night feeds down to just one between 7pm and 7am instead of the 2 to 3 he was having before.

    I also think that was has helped is that since he started on solids, and 3 solid meals a day, he fell naturally into a routine of set feedings and naptimes. It isn't set in stone, and half an hrs difference here and there happens from day to day but I think it has helped.

    I want to now know if it is reasonable to expect a seven month old to sleep say 7pm- 7am without any feed? Have managed to cut night feedings down to one in that time but can I attempt to cut out altogether?

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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2007

    Bumblebezz, no need to get defensive, it wasn't an attack. Some people like routines, some don't. If it works for you that's great. For me, someone who has never liked routines prefering to let other things (like my body) dictate when i do things, when i eat, when i go to bed etc it's not an option. I found that listening to my child when he was a newborn was the right way to go for me.

    It's funny, nearly everyone who says they used the book or loved the book always end up saying that they applied the guidelines loosely. I wonder what that means exactly. Maybe we actually all parent more similarly than we think?

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    Bumblebzz is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006


    Can you blame me if I got defensive? I'm sure you would too.

    Afterall, look at the comment you made in regards to moms who follow her book. Think about it....

    In the end...all our kids in up on some type of routine...whether you followed a book or not.

    I did'nt have a routine with my first child. But this time around I found it helpful.

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    Bumblebzz is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006

    Hi Beckyboo44

    I think it seems reasonable for your 7 mth old to sleep from 7pm-7am.

    Well, it sounds like he's almost ready anyway...but you're the best to determine that.

    Before my son started solids, he was still taking one feed in the evening (10pm).

    He started solids at 5 1/2 mths.

    Once he was firmly established on solids by 6 mths I slowly started reducing the amount of milk I gave him at 10pm, and increased his day feeds a bit more.

    After about a week or two he stopped waking for his milk feed at 10pm all together.

    Around 7 1/2 mths he started to show signs of hunger between lunch and dinner, so I started giving him a snack in the mid afternoon.

    I'm sure your doing fine...good luck!

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    Bumblebzz is offline Registered User
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    Jan 2006


    I forgot to mention that my LO also has a similar sleep time to what you mentioned.

    He's usually in bed around 6:30 to 6:45 pm and wakes in the morning between 7 to 7:30.

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    carang's Avatar
    carang is offline Registered User
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    Sep 2004
    Sai Kung

    i have a feeling that what aussiegal meant by her comment was only that some people, ie the parents, like to know what's coming next, having a plan for the day andbeing able to depend on that.

    i think that this is true for many of us, even those of us that do NOT subscribe to any one author's view of how it should be done.

    i think that the people that like to follow these books use them as a guideline and support because they may be unsure of how to attain the same results on their own. this is NOT to say that they are worse parents, or worse people because of it.

    i think that some 2nd time parents who resort to the books for this child when they didn't use a book for the 1st are doing it simply because
    1) their 2nd or 3rd is very different from their first and so they are unsure of how to deal with it
    2) their circumstances have changed and find that a more rigid routine will suit them better the 2nd time round
    3) had a hard time with the first child and don't want a repeat with the subsequent kids....

    anyway, that's just my opinion. i don't judge others who follow the books, but i do think that all of the books have downsides (i've heard of some mums having a hard time with nap times because their kids will ONLY sleep in their own beds with black out curtains, etc)...

    i think that EVERY mother has to be flexible, what differentiates us from one another is HOW flexible we are with the schedules (again, not saying that one is better than the other, just different!)

    take a dep breath everyone and remember that this IS the hardest job you'll ever do, we are after all raising the next generation and we are doing it the best that we each know how!

    good luck & (hopefully) sleep tight!

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    JulesW is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2007

    Our one year old also slept 8 hours around 3-4 months and was very good right on track. But then at about 6 months we realized the only reason we sometimes had to in was due to the dummy. So after agaonizing about it and then having 4 days in a row with no wakes up, FINALLY at 11 months we got rid of the dummy! We discussed this decision for 3 months!
    Anyway its been the best decision we made! He has not been up ONCE since we banned them - amazing. He takes a bit longer to settle but who do you know that falls asleep in 1 minute. it takes about 10 to 15. Before I think the dummy just kept him quiet now he chats a bit then nods off.
    Convincing my helper is another thread!

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    bekyboo44 is offline Registered User
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    Mar 2006
    Discovery Bay, Hong Kong


    Thks for your reply! Yeah am pretty sure he is ready to go 7 to 7 without a feed. Was pretty impressed that we were able to get him down to one feed a night and he's showing less and less interest in it which is also a good sign! Am so looking forward to a good nights sleep!

    Each to their own is always best when it comes to parenting techniques/styles!!!! I think a lot depends not only on the individual baby but also the age of the baby. For example whem my son was newborn and up until he was six months he ate and slept when he decided and I was more than happy to do that because that is what I felt was right!!!! Now he's that bit older a routine definetly works best!

    If you are doing what works best for your baby and you then there is no need to be defensive! Books have their place but I also think that intuition and knowledge of your baby is so much more important!

    Wishing everyone a long and peaceful nights sleep!

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