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China Permanent Travel Card

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    josoo is offline Registered User
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    China Permanent Travel Card

    I need to help my daughter get a China travel card. I've been really lazy about the whole thing and waited till now, she's almost 18-months old. My husband is bugging me about it as he wants to take us all to Beijing. I don't read Chinese...can anyone help me? My daughter was born in HK and has a British passport. My husband and I are both Chinese...

    What do I need to do? I need to get one as well...sigh.

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    Home Return Permit

    I think you're talking about a "home return permit"

    You might want to consider *not* getting one and just getting a travel visa for your child on his or her British passport, because home return permits are considered as proof of PRC citizenship.

    If you still want to apply for one - here's a link (but in Chinese)

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    i would recommend getting it as it makes going through the customs a LOT easier. not sure about home return permits as proof of PRC citizenship, i just view it as my entry permit back into HK.

    i couldn't see it on the website but you might need HKID card for bub before getting a home return permit? pretty sure you cannot get a home return permit using a British passport.

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    carang is offline Registered User
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    we were told we MUST apply for a HKSAR passport to be considered for a HRP. not so "easy" now...a big hassle...

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    JoTs is offline Registered User
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    I think you need to get her a HK passport first, then you can get the home return permit. A bit of hassle, but worth it in the end, saves getting a visa for China each time you want to go there.

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    1sttimemom is offline Registered User
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    I just got the home return permit for my 2.5 mth baby girl. Her Dad is a Chinese national with HKID (i.e. no permanent residence), I am Canadian by birth but have HK permanent residence. My HKID and home return permit (I already had it) was enough to get her the home return permit.

    Carang and JoTs are right, you need to get the HKID/HKSAR Passport first, which your daughter is eligible for if she was born in HK and is Chinese.

    Assuming you can get her HKSAR passport/HKID, visit any CITS branch (I went to Tsuen Wan) early when it opens to get a number. It can get really busy depending on the day and branch, so I suggest going early. You must bring her with you. She can be asleep, they just check quickly vs. the photo.

    We paid $460 for her HRP, which included an extra $200 to get it in 5 working days, instead of 12.

    Photos - their website gives the specifications, but the lady who processed our application just took the two we gave her - which were from her HKSAR passport/HKID application. 90% of the application must be completed in Chinese. Here's the link to the application. Bring her birth cert as well.

    If you can get someone to read Chinese, here's the official CITS link. Good luck!! for info.

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