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Air France - comments

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    Air France - comments

    I'm searching for plane tix to go to Florence with family for a wedding in September. My agent failed to produce anything good. I searched on Zuji and found Air France tickets HKG -> Paris and the Paris -> Florence on Air France operated by CityJet with a good price.

    I don't travel much to Europe, would like to ask about comments for Air France and City Jet? can anyone help?

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    I have been on that flight to Florence and it was ok. As I was on a business trip, we were on business class and it was a smooth flight. City Jet was also ok but they didnt allow any carry on luggage - they took all that at the door of the plane. All in all, it was a pretty good flight. Some colleagues who flew the same airline got delayed (on several occassions) and had their luggage lost (also on several occations). But then again, flight delays and lost luggages can happen on any airline.
    I know that Cathay has a flight to Florence via Frankfurt, Germany if I am not mistaken - this flight was favored over Air France.
    Good luck!

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