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Pregnancy and flight

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    Hi, Kyojee

    Actually, my baby is now 1 year old! Time flies by so quickly.

    I end up taking flight back to home while I was pregnant and I had no problem (health wise).

    But I got many funny experience though.

    1. I went to Starbucks to get decaf-latte before the flight.
    All the shop cleark told me "It is bad! Do not drink coffee. You are harming a baby!" and tried to convience me to have juice or water instead.

    2. So many HK people (passengers) in the airport told me, "Why are you taking a flight! You are pregnant! Bad for baby!", "You are damadging the baby. Baby will be handicaped."

    3. During the flight. Few passengers gave me nasty look.
    Their eyes went back and forth between my face and my tummy. As well, some people told me that I am doing very harmful thing to baby.

    I guess it is cultural thing. I was told by my HK friend that they believe if Pregnant mum takes flight during the pregnancy, it cause badly damadge to baby and baby end up having physical or mental problem.

    I went to see the Dr. and midwife before I took the flight and they said both me and baby are fine so no problem to take a flight. I made sure to drink a lot of water and walk around (not sitting in the seat too long).

    Since the birth of my baby, I took few flights with him.
    People are all kind and flight attendant (JAL) was superb
    with my baby.


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    I think you should be fine. Your doctor would be the best judge. I fly back from Toronto to HK when I was 25 weeks pregnant. Its a 15 hours flight. I am now 29 weeks.

    Just remember to leave the bags to the porter dont carry them.

    All the best.

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