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Travelling to Canada/US

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    tkn is offline Registered User
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    Travelling to Canada/US

    Hi. I amtaking my 9 mo old to Canada in a few weeks. Car seats are mandatory for babies, so wondering if anyone has had experience with this. Did you take a car seat with you? Can you rent one for the time you are there? We have a Peg Perego car seat with a very heavy base, and I can't imagine the hassle of having to carry it around and then take who-knows-how-long to strap it in taxis!

    Any other advice for hotels (do they have sterilisers, etc?) would be greatly appreciated!

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    no sterilisers in hotels, take tablets.

    yes, car seats are mandatory. you will need one to even leave the airport, unless you travel by bus/shuttle.

    don't know where you can rent one.
    i have a feeling you'd be far better off renting a car and then attaching the car seat so that you don't have to keep putting the base in and taking it out.

    besides, renting a car would probably be cheaper than taking a taxi...have you ever been to canada before?

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    woodk6 is offline Registered User
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    When you rent a car in the US through Avis, etc. you can also rent a car seat through them. Don't know how much it costs though.

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    mintycat is offline Registered User
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    Yes you can rent a carseat through car rentals in the US. However, my friend told me the carseats tend to be quite dirty. I don't have any personal experience with renting them though. When I spent 2 months in Canada last summer, my parents bought an extra carseat for us. If you have friends there, you can see if you can borrow one if their kids have outgrown theirs. Or you can bring the carseat on the plane with you if you have a seat for your LO. My cousin always bring the carseat on the plane with them when they come back from the US.

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    we shipped our car seat just as another piece of odd-size luggage last time around. much better than paying $5-$10 per day to rent from car rental places AND to deal with all the dirty carseats. it's really not that big of a problem, just another piece of luggage, amongs the dozen you have for the baby anyways :)

    i wrapped the whole thing with bubble paper and duct tape to protect it a little from all the throwing around the car seat has to endure.

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    We took our carseat for a holiday to the US. We covered it with a huge plastic bag and just checked it in. Ours was a maxi cosi so not very heavy. Perhaps you can borrow one from a friend?


    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    mum of 2 is offline Registered User
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    We take ours with us (having seen the condition of some of the rental ones). You can buy bags that fit the car seats in or the airliunes usually have large plastic bags at check-in if you have not brought your own. The other advantage is that the straps are adjusted to your child's size - it can take a while to get a rental seat 'just right'. The only problem is that carrying 2 car seats takes up a whole luggage trolley, so when I'm flying with children and without husband, I can usually justify hiring a porter (have not figured out how to push 2 trollies and a stroller on my own).

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    bunbunng is offline Registered User
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    Travelling back to HK in June

    Hi all,

    Me and my husband are bringing our 6 months old daughter Hazel back to HK for the first time in June. Since I'm very inexperienced in travelling with a baby, here are few of our concerns, please advise on the following circumstances as much as possible, many thanks!

    1) Hazel has acid reflux and she's on thickened Enfamil and medicine, how should I bring/prepare formula for her in HK while we are out? Should I use bottled water or I should boil and bring a big pot of hot water everyday when I go out? What about the formula, has anyone heard about it and know where to get it? (It'd be great if anyone know if there is the liquid form of the AR/thickened in HK)

    2) What about the bottles? Should I bring along all 3 feeding bottles while I'm out? Or how I can accomodate that thickened formula and use those roll-out bottle-bags (if anyone know what I mean)? ps. that thickened is really hard to be stirred well and lumps always clog the nipples......

    3) She just started on solid a few weeks ago, how should I prepare her food and utensils in HK?

    4) I'd be staying with my parents in HK in a pretty decent place with mircowave, should I bring along the sterilizer tablets/bags?

    5) Should I bring along a travel cot? Any recommendations? Does anyone have experience in having babies unwilling to sleep in a new cot/environment? What should I do if that happens?

    6) What can I do during flight if baby is fussy? Any help in adjusting jet lag when we arrive? (we'll be in HK for about 2.5 weeks)

    7) My baby always needs a nap, either I pat her to sleep at home or she's in a car ride? Since we'd be going out alot duirng the day in HK and won't be riding in car for a long journey like we used to here in Toronto, any tips to put her to nap in such a crowded and noisy environment?? (she's usually a happy and calm baby, but particularly fussy when she's lack of nap time.....)

    8) I'm actually 4 months pregnant and it'd be for me to travel with a baby, it's lucky that my husband is with me, but please let me know what I should/can ask for in the flight, we are travelling by CX. I don't wanna have Hazel disturb others and look at me like I won't do anything to calm my baby down......

    I know there are lots of questions, since I'm sooo.....nervous, I just wanna have a good time with my family and have Hazel meet everyone while trying my best to keep her happy and healthy while in HK, please advise me on ANYTHING that I should be aware of, once again, thousands THANKS !!

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