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where can i buy fresh goat's milk and goat based formula

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    HK Jo is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    hi auusie mum

    i've just googled and found your post. my daughter who's now 5 is also suffering from eczema but i've only just found out from some friends that goats milk cured their eczema. However, it was fresh goat's milk that they had from the UK.

    have you any ideas where i can find fresh goat's milk from Hong Kong? If not, any idea whether formula ones does the same trick please?

    many thanks and hope that your son is now free from eczema!

    hk jo

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    Hi HK Jo

    They stopped selling fresh goats milk in HK a couple of years ago so we switched to organic cows milk back then and I found it had no adverse impact on his skin at that time. The humid weather here for most of the year really seemed to agree with his skin and we've had no further problems. He is still eczema free!

    As far as I know you still can not get fresh goats milk in HK. You can buy powdered goats milk (not infant formula but similar in that its powdered milk) I haven't tried it but I would think it might be more palatable for a child than infant formula which is very sweet? Both should still work in the same way that a switch to fresh goats milk would.

    I can't recall where Ive seen it sold. From memory I'm thinking it was possibly Jasons Marketplace at Repulse Bay. Ill repost once Ive had time to check. I would assume the usual suspects like 360, City Super etc may well stock it too. They also stock goats cheese etc which i still use alongside cow cheese products.

    Good luck

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