9 weeks pregnant with our second now, at doc yesterday but also found out that i have gestational diabetes already. i had it at week 34 last time, so it was only 6 weeks of dietary hell. i don't know how i'm going to survive this year when i have to do that for 7 months.

The doctor did not expect this so soon, he was saying that it should happened at around the same stage as last time. But he has only recommended to cut sugar and carbo in diet, no exact tests, nothing else.

i wonder if it's worth getting a blood sugar monitor at this stage. i have no idea what to do, what i eat usually have been completely scrapped off my diet (ok, i haven't really been a saint when it comes to eating, that's why it's even more devastating now), just hoping that getting a monitor and maybe some trial and error will give me some direction.

what do you think? is it too much to get that at this stage?