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British Passport Eligibility

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    jerrychoi is offline Registered User
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    hi all, just wish to ask certain points on my circumstances.

    I am an ordinary HK citizen, and my wife, was registered as British Citizen by descent through her father under the British Nationality Hong Kong 1990 act.

    We gave birth to our child in 2011 in Hong Kong.

    From Section 3(2) of the British Nationality 1981 Act, despite the "second class" of my wife's citizenship by descent from her father, on fulfilling certain requirement such as my wife having lived in UK for 3 years, the child could still be registered as citizen.

    Following this rationale, the Form MN1 should be used for registration under section 3(2). However, from the guideline of the form, it says that it does not cover children born in Hong Kong 1997. Instead, Form EM should be used which i found irrelevant.

    Could you please share your view on this?

    Many Many Thanks.

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    LLL_Sarah is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Are the requirements that your wife has to have lived in the UK for three years or the child?
    It was my understanding that a child born of a person British by descent can travel to Britain to live with the parent while a minor and then fulfill the requirements to stay (by living for three years) but that if the child grows up outside of the UK they can't do this.
    It is really a question for the British Consulate. You could easily get wrong advise on a forum and this is too important.
    Best wishes,

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