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Have to vent - help!

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    kellyst is offline Registered User
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    i also want to mention that one of my helpers came from working in Jordan. i think with a huge room to herself, also her own TV. so when she first got her, it was quite difficult for her. But after working with us for two years, she has just agreed to extend her contract, so I take that as where the conditions are not perfect, they are also having a life that is acceptable.

    Mine don't have their own TV, which makes me think maybe i could give them that given that i've been reasonably happy with their performance so far. It does depend a lot on their personality and adaptability.

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    aprilbaby is offline Registered User
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    If DH's are getting up in middle of night with babies and/or sleeping in same rooms as kids is it surprising the kids sometimes prefer the DH's!!! Also these women then have to get up and make breakfast and do a manual job all day then go to bed late.....we definately all have different views on "normal" here!!!!

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    Konradsmom is offline Registered User
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    Agree with Matty, I don't think you need to beat yourself up about the situation. Your home is what it is - I'm sure you didn't choose your home with the intention of NOT providing windows. I don't think anyone would actually buy a flat with the maid's room as a primary consideration. I actually think you have done a lot for them re providing other comforts to make up for it.

    I believe in being reasonable with helpers and not deny them anything they should have, but there is a fine line between being nice to them and spoiling them.

    My personal experience with a helper I had before - she arrived on day 1 and expected to have the whole maid's room to herself . We (unlike others) have a smallish flat and don't have space for a separate storage /pantry area, and so some of the things we store in the maid's room but she has plenty of personal storage space designated for her. But she immediately set out to remove all of our stuff from her room and just threw everything out into the kitchen with the expectation that her room is for her ALONE.

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    aussiegal is offline Registered User
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    For Mum of 2

    mum of 2 your helper sounds like a nightmare. You sound very generous - you don't need to see her cry with thanks but a simple thank you wouldn't hurt. It really seems that sometimes the better you treat your helper the more they expect.

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