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Where to live in/near Chai Wan

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    Where to live in/near Chai Wan


    We are going to move with 2 kids (4 months and 3 yrs) old to HK. I was wondering if anybody can recommend a good area in/near Chai Wan that is kids friendly and maybe has a good daycare/preschool/kindergarten nearby.

    And another questions: I saw posters saying 'don't take a carseat if you not going to have a car'. But then, how do you get to from the airport to the hotel in a taxi, if you don't have your carseats??


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    Chai Wan


    in regards to carseats:HK doesn't require carseats. but from the airport, you may want to consider taking the airport express which leads to the MTR or many hotels have a shuttle directly from the airport to the hotel. there was a previous thread recently about carseats you may want to look through.

    i don't have any experience with schools as my lil girl is only 7 months, but the geobaby forum has a lot of information as do the people here.

    as for places to live, i myself am in chai wan. there are many places that are nice, tho all would depend on what you're looking for, your budget. i think more expat friendly places would be: Island Resort in Siu sai Wan, Tai Koo/Kornhill area and Grand Promenade in Sai Wan Ho. those are the few i can think of off the top of my head. i believe Heng Fa Chuen has many options too.

    welcome to Hk! please feel free to pm me.

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    Chai Wan - Heng Fa Chuen and Island Resort.

    There are more choices if you'd also consider nearby districts like Taikoo and Quarry Bay.

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