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clubhouse rules

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    clubhouse rules

    hi parents out there! wanted to ask you what kind of rules your complex has about
    1. private coaching in the swimming pool
    2. bicycle riding, skateboarding, running, playing ball

    we live at The Belcher's, which is such a kids-friendly place. however, recently, they've come up with some rules that some parents find unreasonable. we've got a great pool, but they've decided that we are not allowed to hire coaches for private swimming lessons as it's disruptive for other residents, and some people have complained. also, there are signs everywhere that at the podium and in the garden, bicycles/skateboards are not allowed, running and playing ball are not allowed. i'm sure there have been some incidents involving inconsiderate kids and negligent parents/helpers, but it seems unreasonable to ban all of these activities.

    just wondering how other management companies deal with these issues. please advise.


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    I live in a small housing estate (only 120 flats) and there are no rules about hiring private swimming coaches.

    There are rules that no one is allowed to play football or other ball games, because people, especially on the ground floor, fear for their windows. Badminton is allowed.

    Bike riding, scooters, etc. are popular, but they cannot do them in the covered car park (danger) - they do them outside.

    Rules on who can ride the shuttle bus, hours of swimming pool being open, etc. appear to be decided at the Owners Committee meetings and then bigger issues at the AGM.

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    We've recently had a few minor accidents in our playground with bicycles. Quite a few kids have removed their training wheels and are cycling very fast, and it is dangerous for the little ones. Our management has posted a notice restricting bicycles, roller skates and skateboards in the playground. There is a security guard on playground duty but the kids are still cycling and he just ensures its at a safe speed.

    Our management don't enforce the swimming lessons rule. I guess someone must have complained ages ago, and they've added to the Pool Regulations.

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    Fo Tan

    Our rules are the same as yours. We joke that no one is allowed to have fun in the pools. It's either lessons or laps.
    And, having watched several children playing in the play rooms, it is a good thing they are not allowed to romp around outside on bikes and skateboards because they are rather out of control. Everyone pays the price for the large number of little emperors.

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