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Can you take ready made formula on planes?

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    madaboutCows is offline Registered User
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    Thanks everyone.

    Beckymaky, what brand of ready made formula do Bumps to Babes sell?


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    You can take powder and get them to warm up the evian water for you.
    I've mixed the powder and the bottled water, then asked the hostie to warm it up for me. They can easily do it the old fashioned way by sitting the whole bottle in a container of hot water.
    Just give them a bit of extra time as they are busy and it has taken me up to 10 mins to get it back.

    Pre mixed formulas and all baby foods, are exempt from the no liquid rules, but you must have the baby with you when you go through x-ray.

    Here are complete details for the HK airport authority

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    beckymaky is offline Registered User
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    Bumps to babes sells the Cow and Gate 2 plus. It's meant for hungrier babies from birth. The whey and caesin ratio is slightly different, more caesin dominant which is digested slower. I tried it a few times whilst at home and he didn't notice a difference.
    He drank it in room temperature. I am lucky in that he doesn't mind if his milk is heated or not. It was so convenient, just poured from carton to bottle and fed. I didn't need to ask the air hostess for anything. Sometimes they are so busy and it takes them a while to get back to you.

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