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Easiest time to get pregnant

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    cesh is offline Registered User
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    I hated the BBT testing so instead ordered the Maybe Baby saliva testing kit from Australia (couldn't find here). It was easy to use and far less of a hassle than BBT and stick tests - and you only buy one so it worked out cheaper and will still be ok to use for when we try for number 2 in a couple of years. I have a few other friends who've used the same method successfully - it just takes a little of the stress out of the whole thing.

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    JoanneK - that's great that you can 'feel' the ovulation signs. I think in Australia they call the checking the cervical mucous method the 'Billings method'. I recall a lady trained in the Billings method coming to talk to us in high school about how to chart your cycles via cervical mucous so that you know when you are ovulating so to avoid getting pregnant. Obviously I never got the hang of it as I was recently expecting my period but got a positive pregnancy test instead...!

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    My period is very regular 28 days, and I also wrongly believed the 14 day rule - and hence disappointed for years. I also tried the ovalation sticks and temperature thing, trust me, they involve too much guessing, self doubt etc, they frustrated me more. Good news is that I am now pregnant in my week 30, my first child. I use ultrasound to track my ovalation for a cycle or two, which was critical for my success.

    To do so, you go direct to a doctor and ultrasound scan for a few times during one cycle. You can see exactly how big the egg is, on what day it comes out, and what size when it come out. I felt so in control as there is no guessing. The female doctor I went to is in Prince's Building and each consultation is $500 since it is a quick one. First consusltation and subsequent consulations involving longer discussions are $800. They give me peace in mind and I think it is totally worth it.

    If you think you ovalate on Day 14, then make appt for ultrasound scan on Day13 , and at this appt the doc will be able to tell you the estimated time for ovalation based on the size of the egg. Say, if the doc estimated Day 18, then make appt for Day 17 to ensure it has not come out yet. Sometimes some people's egg come out too early before it reach an optimal size, i.e. immature egg, such eggs cannot be fertilised even though you did ovalate.

    Of course it depends on how keen and how soon you want the pregnancy happen. The ovalation kits are $2xx for 5 sticks, and for me, since they told people to use it 1 or 2 days before your expected ovalation day, I used it on day 12,13,14,15,16. But i ovalate on day 17 and 18!! And that caused a lot of confusion and self doubt etc. So, if doctor's route is too expensive then I would suggest that you use more than one pack in a cycle - until it turns positive.

    There are a few other tips - let me know if you want to know.

    Good luck with your try!!

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    My period is a clockwork 28 days. the only time it has been late is for 3 pregnancies!
    Every woman is different, but I have generally been fertile from the day after my period ( day 5ish) which I know for sure with one accidental pregnancy, and generally ovulate around day 10.

    The only way to be sure is to chart things like your basal temp each month and use ovulation kits.

    Basically have sex as often as you can after your period. That way you can't go wrong.

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