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    Feb 2007

    Our bubba hasn't got asthma. What's cat fur with us breathing in HK's pollution everyday! Louis (our cat) loves our bub and has been his guardian angel since he's been born. Louis rushes to him before we do. And now that our bub knows how to handle Louis, he constantly cuddles him.... fur and all... so I don't think it's necessary to shave the fur of the poor kitty.

    Though, we do ensure that Louis' hair around the house is taken care of, our DH does an excellent job with one those "magic mops" and bub has an air purifier in his room. We don't have carpeting either in the entire household. Louis' also brushed regularly by my hubby. So we do take steps to prevent an excessive amount of cat fur floating about the house ... not coz of bub though... his primary owner, my hubby is allergic to cats! ;-)

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    Hung Hom

    thanks for all the info. i'll be keeping my pets,, unless some problem happens and doc adv to give them away.. for the time being, i think i'll be fine with one air purifier at home and get a smaller vacumn cleaner so that i can vacumn everyday..

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